Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sibling Photo

I realized at the end of this post that I forgot to add this first picture so it is out of place! This was another attempt at a photo of the two of them. I LOVE how Lilly is posing in this picture. (c:
Okay, so we had a good Easter and we did take pictures....LOTS of pictures but I just can't get them uploaded tonight. Also, I am a little overwhelmed by how far behind I am on blogging. Seriously I have girls night out, play groups, sunglass photos galore, family visits, Easter, house photos, and so on and so on. I was getting pretty close to caught up but then we went out of town and WAMMO...right back to far behind. So these photos are about two weeks old. I just like this photo....Lilly is wearing her rain boots over her PJs. She is bringing me a book to read--this girl LOVES to read. Reid is playing with a hanger and watching Clifford the Big Red Dog. These are all things that happen daily in the Scott household.

Reid is soldier crawling himself all about the house these days. He just zoomed all over the place today. I can't decide whether that is exciting or terrifying for me!! Haha. It doesn't matter--all he has to do is smile that sweet smile and I am putty in his hands.

I think his face says, "it wasn't me" in this picture.

I think Lilly's face says "it wasn't me" in this photo. I have a feeling that I will be receiving that look from both of them pretty regularly. Ha!

Okay so I have been trying like crazy to get a cute photo of BOTH of my children TOGETHER for the blog header...that way Reid isn't getting left out. So, these were some of my laughable attempts from this day. Take One: Stuffing their faces.
Take two: Reid looking lovingly at his sister who is talking excitingly about something. I was never able to translate it...mystery unsolved.
Take 3: I don't even know what Lilly is scowling about in this picture but it cracks me up!
Take four: Reid trying to lick the cereal bowl.
Take five: Hahaha.
Take Six: Best one of the night. However, realistically it was like take 23 or something like that.
Oh, and Mr. Man has made it into the high chair!! He loves it but somehow he is SO MUCH MESSIER in the high chair!!! He just gets so excited to see his food these days. He starts laughing hysterically every time he sees his food. I know I say it in every post but man I love these kids!! How boring would our lives be without them??


Lyr said...

These are great pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

They are so sweet together! I hope you can get caught up...don't feel bad my post today took place last week, but things have just been too busy! I love that Reid is doing a soldier crawl. Afterall, I do love a soldier! I love Lilly's rain boots!