Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The weather is great here so today we went to the park! Matt, Lilly, and I went walking. Lilly is liking her stroller. Such a big girl! (After reviewing some posts, I have noted that I completely overuse the exclamation mark...not quite ready to give it up yet though.)
Sweet sweet Lilly.
Happy St. Patty's day from Lilly. Don't worry I kissed her enough for all possible blog viewers..so you're covered!
Hope you guys had a good day!
American Idol thoughts: My dream team (see side bar) didn't do so well tonight. I am stinking it up in the dream team contest anyway...I am like 1400th place right now. Eek. I thought they were a little tough on Lil. I am still watching it, but country night has been rough! Kris, the guy from Conway, did really great though!! What is Adam on??? They need to teach a song picking class..."because I really like it" is not a reason (suggested by Matt)!!! Does anyone else just really like saying, "Anoop Adoop" with feeling and emotion?...haha. Much better performance this week by Anoopy. I just love his name.....I told Matt that if we have a boy...maybe??? (J/K) Megan...such a pretty girl...why the entire arm tattoo? Just not crazy 'bout that chickee--even when she does well.
DWTS thoughts: Loving it and everyone...think the computer dude is going home. (Matt hates this show so I can't watch the results until tomorrow.)

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The Malones said...

I love the stroller pics. So fun! Did you watch A.I. tonight? Can you believe Alexis went home???? What a shame. And I agree with you about Megan's "sleeve"....whatever you call it. Tattoos all over her entire arm? yuck.