Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Warriors!!

We had a busy weekend. Saturday Grandpa Mike and Grandma DeDe came through town on their way home from Eureka Springs. Lilly got to play with the grandparents. Notice how Lilly is the only one looking at the camera??
Just feeling Grandpa out.
After lunch, we went to cousin Ethan's 4th birthday party!! It was outside and cold!!! Matt and Lilly kept taking car breaks so she didn't get too cold.
The birthday boy is the one on the far left. They are saying, "Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese".
Happy Birthday to you....He had his own cake.
After the party, we headed over to Aunt Theresa's house...we arrived to this sweet message!
Hey guys!
Lilly's twin cousins were there too! This is Eva Kate.
This is Marshall.
This is Lilly. Haha.
Checking out each other.
Meeting of the minds. Marshall and Eva Kate are really sweet with her. They kept bringing her toys and trying to cover her up with her blanket. Marshall kept patting her on the back and taking her bow off.....
trying it out to see what the big deal was!
Sitting with Aunt Theresa.
Sunday was cleaning today. In addition to cleaning the house, we tried out Lilly's new bathtub. I brought this out because we can't get her to lay back in her other tub. This one she can sit up in and it is padded on the sides just in case.....notice she is NOT sitting up. She was laid back and totally relaxed. This girl!
Playing in her crib while Mommy works on cleaning her room and packing up her clothes that have gotten too small.
Well Lilly has been rolling for a while, but today she figured out she can move all over the place. She rolled all around the living room. She was laying on this blanket playing with toys, but somehow she ended up rolled up in it across the room!!
Still rolling! She is getting really giggly too!!

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Mary Lynn said...

Lilly is getting cuter and cuter!