Tuesday, April 30, 2013


We went to Benton for Easter this year.  We dyed some Easter eggs Saturday night.

Daddy helped Reid because he is working on the "gentleness" skill.  (: 
They enjoyed putting the eggs in all the different colors.
Reid dropping one in on his own.
Lilly decorating with the "magic" crayon. 

Adding some stickers.
This is what finished eggs looked like.  Unfortunately it was raining Sunday and we didn't want to hide real eggs in the house...and then we forgot to bring them home with us...so I am not sure what ended up happening with these eggs. 
Reid found out why he needed to be gentle with eggs.  Sometimes you just have to see it for yourself. 

We were invaded by some cute bunnies!
Ready for church.  He insisted on taking the bunny glasses to church.
All ready for church.  Lilly and Reid impressed their Sunday School teachers by telling them the Easter story.  They also sang the chorus of God's Not Dead (Our God's not dead.  He's surely alive.  He's living on the inside, roaring like a lion.) to them.  They are both still obsessed with the Easter story, or as Lilly calls it, "The spooky crown story."  They also love to watch this video called Sunday's Coming.  I have really been amazed at how many questions they have asked and how much they understand and remember. 
A funny story about Lilly--she hid all the plastic eggs for the kids at DeDe's and then also participated in the egg hunt.  Needless to say she found LOTS of eggs.  And was pretty proud of herself, too.  Ha! 
We all loved seeing and playing with Baby Breanna!  The kids have asked to see her about 20 times already this week. 
And we went by to see MamMa on our way out of town.  Lilly was so sweet to her this visit (sometimes she gets shy) and it warmed my Mommy heart. 
Love this group of peeps! 
Reid looks so thrilled for more pictures, doesn't he?  Ha! 

And here is a video of Lilly explaining her preschool resurrection eggs to her Daddy.  There is a part that is hard to hear where she is talking about the bandaid and how Jesus came to heal a broken world.  It is precious!  I am so thankful for the desire and curiosity God has given them to know more about Him and His Word. 

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