Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Breanna's Birthday Par-tay

 Over Easter weekend we celebrated the fact that this sweet thang turned ONE!!  Lilly and Reid were BEYOND excited for her party.  It was seriously the topic of conversation at our house for weeks.  They just love, love, love Baby Breanna.  But I mean, look at her, how could you not??
 Becca made this super cute cake which was rainbow layered inside.  It was pretty impressive. 
 There were also fruit kabobs (both real and candy), flip-flop cookies, and food served out of sand pails.
 And beach cupcakes. 
 And this adorable wreath made from little drink umbrellas.  Precious! 

 Sitting and opening some presents!
 She loved this peek-a-boo card that Aunt Kay got her.  She carried it around with her for a good bit of the party. 
 Checking out her loot. 
 Lilly and Reid loved this ball as much as she did.  It was all fuzzy/stringy and lit up when bounced.

 Oh my sweetness!
 Singing Happy Birthday. 

 I guess Lilly was trying to keep her from sticking her hands in the cake.  Lilly is always wanting to boss help out.  (; 
 Trying it...
 Ha!  I must have just got this picture at the right time because she really did love the cake as you will see in future pictures. 

 LOVE this picture--licking those lips!

 Look at that foot kicked up on the table.  So cute!

 I think she had a little something on her hand...
 Ahhh, there she goes.  All fixed now.  Ha! 
 Sweet blue eyes.
 Look at all those teeth!
 Sweet birthday girl!
 Getting a little bit in the hair.  It's good for it--makes it shiny, right??

 She almost put the cupcake in Lilly's hair.  Ha!  We had so much fun celebrating this sweet girl and we have loved watching her grow and learn and can't wait to see what she does this next year! 
 Lilly played this little piano as much as she could while we were at the party.  At one point I walked in and all of the boys were full-out wrestling and she was in the corner playing and singing Mary Rode A Donkey.  It was hilarious. 
 And this one enjoyed just running around and jumping on and off of everything.  (:

Also we need to give a little Happy Birthday shout-out to Uncle Bert because today is his birthday!  Happy Birthday Uncle Bert!  Hope it was awesome!! 

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