Friday, August 16, 2013


The local Chevy store had a fishing day so we went to check it out!
 At first I thought they were not going to catch any fish.  Actually, let me rephrase that, they caught a lot of fish but they don't use hooks so I thought we were not going to able to actually reel one in.
 Reid with one hand on the pole and using the other hand for the "thinking face".

 Matt holding the fishing pole for Reid while he took a little break.  ( ; 
 Then Lilly caught a fish! 
 She liked petting the fish. 
 So proud!
 Not long after that Reid caught one!  (Disclaimer--both children had help catching the fish by the people there.)
 I'm glad I got this picture because he was not going to touch that fish again.  Ha! 
 Lilly got a "fin five" from the fish. 
 Checking it out.  After the picture the fish got to go right back in the water. 
 And then they gave the kids a free tackle box! 
And some snacks!  It was a great time! 

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Courtney said...

You always find the best free events. Looks like fun. Glad they were able to catch something.