Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Reid's Birthday

Well my baby turned 4 Wednesday.  You hear it all the time but it really does go by so fast and I am so thankful for the past 4 years with my sweet Reidster. 
 After he went to bed Tuesday night Matt and I set up a little balloon avalanche for him to wake up to.  About half-way through setting it up I started praying that he didn't have to pee in the middle of the night.  Ha! 
 We also set the table up for a special birthday breakfast.  My kids equate a decorated table with a birthday celebration.  And cake...as we would later find out. 
 This was when he first woke up.  Honestly he was a little confused because he had to pee and didn't know how to get out of his room.  When I told him he could just rip it down he got excited.  Then, on his way to the bathroom, he said, "I sure do love all my balloons!"  Lilly asked me if I was going to do that for her on her birthday...as she did with each special thing we did for Reid that day.  ( ; 
 He could not be any cuter if he tried!! 
 At breakfast he got to open his first present...which was 2 Planes shirts.  Because we officially own all of the Cars shirts we are going to work on owning all of the Planes shirts.  I tease.  Mostly.  We do laugh and tell people he is sponsored by Lightning McQueen. 
 I could feel that Lilly needed me to take her picture.  Bless her.  She is my precious sweet girl that loves the spot light. 
 Reid's birthday breakfast of choice:  Waffles with peanut butter and syrup.

 One happy boy! 
 He chose to wear the blue Planes shirt for his birthday ensemble.  And he wore that Birthday Boy ribbon for all of 5 minutes. 
 We went to Boingo Bounce to jump around with some friends. 
 Little Haysie.  Trevor was there, too.  He was not in the mood to stop for a picture.  (:  (Also please say a prayer for him as he starts radiation Wednesday morning.)
 Lilly, Addy, Same, and Reid.  Reid is loving him some sunglasses right now. 
 We went to Hammontrees (his choice) for lunch and had these gouda bacon sweet potato fries and grilled cheese. 
 We couldn't find Planes wrapping paper so I bought plain wrapping paper and some Planes stickers and let Lilly go to town.  She loved it but said I didn't but enough stickers.  Ha! 
 For dinner Reid chose Flaps Down--a restaurant where you can eat and watch the planes take off.  I thought we got there too late to see any airplanes take off but the Lord provided several for us to see. 
 We gave Reid the choice of getting cake, a cupcake, or ice cream and he chose ice cream so we went to TCBY.
 Then, because the timing of the earlier movies didn't work out for us, we got crazy and went to the 9:30 showing of Turbo.  We were the ONLY people in the theater.  I love the movie Turbo.  I seriously laughed so hard and so did Reid.  Our favorite thing to say to each other right now is, "White Shadow!!" 
And then he opened presents at 11:30 at night.  I still can't believe that.
I just love the way he says Dusty Crophopper and El Chupacabra so I thought I would share it with you!  So, as we were finally putting him to bed at 11:55 (yes this is the latest he has ever stayed up and no it wasn't planned), he said, "I can't go to bed!  I haven't had any cake!!"  MoMo's birthday is the day after his so the next morning when he got up I said, "Let's call MoMo and tell her Happy Birthday!"  He started crying and said, "It can't be her birthday!  I never had my cake!!"  We finally just got a cake so he could have some closure.  Ha!  I just love this sweet, smiley, fun-loving little boy! 

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Courtney said...

Logan likes Planes but he is still loyal to his Cars characters. Looks like Reid had a great birthday even if he didn't get his cake till the next day. I can't believe he is 4, I remember I just started reading when he was a baby.