Tuesday, February 10, 2009

5 months and counting

Lilly turned 5 months old on Sunday. She is doing so much these days. I will list some of them throughout the post. Saturday morning Grandma Odie cooked breakfast. YUMMY. Lilly got to see her cousins Eva Kate and Marshall. They are sitting on Uncle Greg's 4-wheeler. Don't call DHS...she didn't actually ride on it. Eva Kate didn't actually drive (she did some pretty good pretend steering though).
Getting a posed picture of three kiddos is impossible!
Lilly loves her swing!! She loves to turn sideways in it. She is always squealing and kicking her legs and shaking her fists and arms. It cracks me up.
She is loving her feet these days. I tried to get a picture of her playing with them, but as soon as the camera came out...she looked up.
She also likes eating her hand. Then, when she gets it all good and slobbery she tries to stick it in my mouth. Yay for me. She is obsessed with trying to feel my teeth.
We can no longer get her to lay back and relax in the bathtub. She is busy the whole time. She leans forward. We try to lay her back and she lets out an aggravated grunt until she can lean up again.
Big smiles and giggles. She is laughing so much now and Matt and I will pretty much make fools out of ourselves just to hear that sweet little laugh. She likes to mimic you when you laugh. She also thinks growling is really funny.
Also, I DVR'd the Grammy's and when I went to watch them yesterday....she LOVED them. She squealed and laughed and talked. When the audience would clap and yell, she really got into it. She especially loved Al Green (just like her mommy), Cold Play, and the Jonas Brothers and Stevie Wonder. I was shocked. Matt and I just laughed and laughed at how mesmerized she was. She does love being sung to and I think she might have thought she was getting her own private concert.
So, to summarize, at 5 months, she loves to spend her days swinging, rolling, and jumping in the jumper. She loves eating fingers and drooling. She has discovered her little feet. She smiles all the time and now giggles. A couple of times over the past few nights, she has done that deep belly laugh. She is eating some cereal with her last bottle. She is lighting up our lives every day!! We just love her so very much.

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C. Bourns said...

She's such a happy baby!!! Happy 5 months, Lilly!