Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well, I did it...

I took Lilly to her first totally unnecessary doctor's appt. I am surprised it took me this long. I took her temperature yesterday (3 times) and it said I kind of panicked. (The thermometer is not broken, I took mine and had a 100 degree temp--I am feeling better today). I called and made an appointment for her. Go in, they take her temp....98.8! What the?? Also, she was eating like a pig and not taking any of her naps (she fell asleep as soon as we left the 4 in the afternoon). Tuesday night she woke up at 1 and 5 and ate 8 ounce bottles both times. The doctor said she didn't need to eat in the middle of the last night when she woke up at midnight we had to keep putting the paci back in for a long time, but it finally worked. Then she slept fine until 6:30. She has the cutest, teeniest feet. However, she is always moving them so it is impossible to get a good pic..this was as good as I could get.
American Idol thoughts: Last night was just bad song choice night. I expected it would be better since they got to watch the first group. I pretty much voted (yes, I voted..I am cool like that) off of who I liked during auditions b/c nobody (except the 16 yr old red head) did a phenomenal job. I think the Norm guy is funny but still don't know how he got in the top 36. Danny is still our favorite so far.

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The Malones said...

You're just being a good mommy to have her checked out.....necessary or not! =)
I actually voted last night - for the first time in my life I voted on American Idol - and I voted for Nick/Norman!!! I just think he's so funny. I hope that Adam, the redhead, and Norm make it through.