Thursday, February 19, 2009


Lilly tasted her first sucker today.
If you were in the room now, you would only hear slurping and smacking.
I think I like this thing.
Had a little trouble getting it back in the mouth so I settled for my thumb and shared the sucker with my cheek.
Price Matching: I bought Matt a portable hard drive for his birthday (I wife ever...right?? haha..j/k..that is what he wanted). It wasn't on sale so I asked if they price matched and they said yes for two weeks. So, I went in today with the sales ad from a different store and a receipt. Now, I know what you are thinking..what crazy person actually does this...and this was my first time, BUT they gave me $54.63 back in cash!!! (That was the difference b/t normal price and sales price.) Worth it! I am semi-proud of myself. Ok..fully proud, but in my defense I don't get out much these days.

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