Monday, June 8, 2009

Car Seat/ Swim Ranch

Well, thanks to DeDe, Lilly finally got a new car seat. Mommy and Daddy had been slacking! She loves it and was mere ounces away from the weight limit on the infant carrier. It is much roomier and more comfortable for our sweet girl. It also will go forward facing when she is a year old!
While we were at Babies R' Us scoping out car seats a couple of weeks ago, the salesman said that he would not by one that had hard plastic underneath...he would only get the car seats that have the foam on top of the plastic. His reasoning-while the foam doesn't necessarily make it safer, it does absorb more of the shock if you are in a wreck so your sweet baby feels less. To my surprise Evenflo and another more expensive brand were the only ones I found with the foam! Anyway, Matt and I love that it has the foam and that it was side-impact tested! We want our baby to be as safe as possible!!
On another note, Lilly started her swimming lessons today! I call them swimming lessons but they really just help her get used to the pool and kicking her legs and holding her head above water.
I didn't get any pictures because I was in the water with her the whole time. For the most part, she really enjoyed it. The pool was heated (Mommy appreciated that). She hasn't quite gotten the hang of keeping her face completely out of the water so every once in a while she would accidentally get her face in the pool and swallow from water and she HATED that!!! Also, we are there for an hour so by the end she was exhausted. I am talking fell-asleep-as-I-was-buckling-her-in-her-car-seat tired!!
This was yesterday at the pool. I have a feeling we will be racking up a lot of pool time this summer!!
After we got home (and after a good afternoon nap for Lilly), we went outside with some sidewalk paint!
She had the most fun banging the brushes together.
Oh yeah, and dumping the water all over both of us.
The paint was non-toxic--which is good because although we did a pretty good job catching the paint brush before she put it in her mouth...I am sure she managed to get a little...I mean look at those cheeks!
Our little artist!
Yay! We are also testing out the so-called "washable" quality of this paint. I am hoping that is washes out.
Lilly holding her bottle while watching Baby Einstein...unwinding after all of our activity!
And then, right after this picture, she proceeded to shake the rest of it out on the blanket she is sitting on. Stinker!
After the painting, she needed to be washed off...and since bending over isn't as easy as it once was (i.e. the pregnancy) I tried giving her a bath in the sink. It worked so well, we did it as a quick bath tonight. (That is when these pictures were taken...I can't bathe her and take pictures at the same time!)
Whew...busy day. Oh yeah, Lilly is 9 months old today!!! I can't believe it! I will post about all of her 9 month happenings on Thursday when she goes in for her check-up! I can't believe she will be 1 year old in just 3 months....where did the time go?!!?


Trumbo Family said...

We are doing swim ranch too! Guess were not in the same class, RATS!

Lindsey Cobb said...

These pictures are so cute of her playing with the paint! She is precious!