Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tough Week

Well, although last weekend Lilly showed signs of feeling better, on Monday she ran a fever and was super clingy....again, you could tell she did NOT feel well. However, since she had just been to the doctor Friday and they tested everything including her ears we figured it was just the virus running it's course. So, Tuesday the fever was gone and she was happier, BUT then decided she was not going to sleep. Wednesday she was still on the not sleeping and added not wanting to be put down AT ALL. So, we made an emergency SOS call to DeDe. I figured out at some point that she would sleep in the car for short periods of time. Therefore, Wednesday and Thursday we spent a good amount of the day driving around. If she got her naps she seemed to feel I was thinking maybe she had just gotten a little spoiled from being sick and held and cuddled. Thursday evening, DeDe arrived (praise the Lord). Thursday, Lilly woke up at 3:00 am....and couldn't go back asleep and lay down. Friday we went back to the doctor....drumroll please......EAR INFECTION! That was our 3rd trip to the doctor in a week and a half. Now, I know I shouldn't have been relieved to hear that my daughter has an ear infection, but I kind of was because she just had not been acting like herself ever since she caught the virus so I was glad to know that we hadn't officially just spoiled her rotten.
Daddy, Lilly, and DeDe. It was such a huge help to have DeDe here. These past two weeks have just been exhausting! We are so blessed, though, not only to have such a happy healthy baby most of the time, but also to have so much family that is willing to help us out! My mom babysat for us the Friday before and my Grandma Odie called Monday and offered to babysit for a couple of hours for a little relief and then watched her again for the boy's doctor appointment. (He looks good and healthy by the way....we are closer to a name!!)
Daddy, Lilly, and Mommy--Our little family!!
Okay, so Lilly has worn out her first outfit!! (Notice the toes poking out the hole in the footy pj's.) I could not stop laughing when I looked down and saw a little toe and before long there were 3 toes! Really, the outfit was a little small when I put it on her but I have a hard time putting things in the "too small" category when it comes to her....but she is wearing all of the toe parts of her clothes and socks because she is always on her tippy toes! Oh yeah, Lilly can now pull up. We walk in to get her out of her crib and we either find her sitting with her legs hanging out of the crib rails or standing and looking for us. I will eventually get a picture of this! Lilly seems to be feeling better and hopefully we are on the way to healthy!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

thank you sweet friend for your prayers...we have had a little set back and still need your prayers....teresa

Cori said...

We are hoping to find out the sex within the next couple of weeks. I am in my 19th week right now, so it shouldn't be much longer. I have an appointment this afternoon, so we might find out then! I am planning on teaching next year and am going to be taking off December and January and maybe part of February with the baby. We should get together sometime. I am pretty much free most of the time!

Mary Lynn said...

So sorry about the bad week...I know it wears you out for Lilly to be needy, but so glad Debbie got to come to the rescue! Little Lilly is as cute as ever!