Monday, June 1, 2009

Mommy's Helper & Memorial Day

Lilly has been "helping" me lately. She likes to do whatever we are doing. So, while I am in the kitchen making dinner, Lilly hangs out in her walker and "helps"...she has her own spoon and everything. I don't think that I have mentioned that she has become a walker expert. She goes forwards, backwards, turns herself around, and her personal favorite is to chase Tank. You have to keep an eye out because she will ram right into the back of your heels or over your toes--Ouch!
I'm ready to help Mom!
Every good chef does taste-tests while cooking.
She also helped me assemble her new shopping cart! She is quite the helper.
She helped read the directions.
"I think it goes right here, Mom"

She even helped with the screwdriver!
TaDa! Reaping the benefits of her hard work.

We have been working on pulling up and standing with support. She is getting pretty good...strong legs! She likes to stand on her tippy-toes though.
We went down to Benton for Memorial Day weekend, but before we left MoMo came over to help out while I got stuff ready to go! She wore Lilly out!!
Oh, alright, she was able to get a second wind!! If you look close, you can see Lilly is sporting an Afro in this picture. Ha!
Well, I did a horrible job taking pictures down there! But here are some of Lilly playing. She got the shape sorter from Babies R Us while we were there.

Sooo cute.
Lilly and Grandma Betty
Lilly and MaMaw. It was a fun weekend that wore Lilly out! I think three days without a regular routine was a little much. It took all week to get us back on track! It was worth it though. (-:

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Mary Lynn said...

Oh, the shopping cart is such a fun toy! Lucy loved it. I don't know why babies tip toe...they look so cute, but it looks like they would feel more secure and confident with their feet flat on the floor. Lilly is a cutie!