Sunday, May 31, 2009


Okay, well in order to catch up, I am going to have to combine old/current posts in one post for a couple of days because I have some videos I really want to put on here...but I want to be caught up. So, this post has pictures of Lilly in her Sunday clothes from the past two Sundays and then it has what we did today. There are a ton of photos so I am keeping comments as brief as possible!! Oh, I just love church clothes!

This is from 2 Sundays ago....she is so good in church, but I decided it was probably time to try the nursery because she makes it hard to focus on the sermon!
This is from last Sunday in Benton....she was the only child in her age nursery so she got all the attention.

Playing in her Sunday best.
Trying to pull up on Mommy and get the camera.

Today, Lilly got in a pool for the first time!! I really didn't think that she would because the water was COLD. At first, we just put our feet in, and then up to the ankle, then the knee. It took her a while to get comfortable with sitting in the duck and not with Mommy or Daddy, but she came around.

Sitting on the step with her feet in the water. On a side note, Tank fell in the pool on was pretty funny!

After the pool, she took a good long nap and then we had all kinds of visitors!! GG Tomara (so sorry if I am misspelling that), Grandma Oksana, and Grandpa Dennis came by to visit Miss Lilly.
LOVE this photo!
Uh-hem...Lilly, can I get some focus here??
Lilly and Grandpa Dennis. She loved seeing them and didn't want them to leave...she told them very loudly that she wanted them to stay.
Also, Cousin Amber came by with MoMo. I love this picture of them...they stopped their playing temporarily to give me smiles!!
MoMo and Lilly. We had a great weekend! I will post about the rest of it in another post this week. As you can tell, we had a busy but wonderful Sunday.

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