Friday, May 29, 2009


Okay, we are still back-blogging a little.... Well, Lilly uses the soothie pacifiers so I bought her a pacifier clip that goes with that particular type of paci because it doesn't have the handle to snap onto. Anywho, I thought this flower would be cute.
BUT as you can takes up her entire face! So I think I will just keep taking spare paci's around with us!
As mentioned in a previous post, Lilly's Grandma Oksana's mom brought her the cutest outfit (pictured above) from baby has gone international!
The Monday before Memorial Day (I told you we were back-blogging here), my Aunt Theresa (or Aunt Gigi to Lilly) had a bar-b-que! This is Lilly with cousin Michelle--two pretty ladies!
GG Odie, Lilly, Aunt Vivian, Uncle Joe. Lilly just loved hanging on Grandma and giving away my loving and cuddles!
Aunt Gigi with cousin Marshall...
As close as I could get to a picture of all three of them looking at the camera...too much going on!
Lilly has gotten quite good with her hand-eye coordination. She also really enjoys pulling things with all of her this is what I found when I got her out of the van when we got home. She, apparently, decided to take the shade cover off of her car seat and use it as a blanket! On a side note, seeing her sleep is really just the sweetest thing in the world! (Of course, she is most fun when she awake and interacting with us.)

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Mimi's Toes said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your Lilly is just too cute for words. By the way, Lilly is one of my favorite girls names. You have a beautiful family. I will come back and visit soon.