Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our Sunday

Well, try as we did to make it to church Sunday--we just didn't get ready in time. So, I should mention that Lilly took a 3-I will say it again-3 hour nap Sunday. Let me just stress how that has NEVER happened before!! Yesterday, she took a two hour nap, but when she woke up it was clear that she didn't get her nap out so a little while later she took another short nap. Is my sweet baby becoming a napper??? On the floor, she is playing in her sea of toys! Ever since we found out we are having another baby, I have felt no guilt in buying her toys because there is going to be another baby to play with them right after she is done with them!
Where is Lilly??? (If you look to the left center of the photo, you can see her little feet sticking out of the blanket. She has learned to roll herself up like a burrito.)
There she is!!!! This is her big cheesin' smile right after I uncovered her!
After her long nap, we had to rush to get to Trenton's birthday party semi-on-timish. Lisa, I can't believe he is already two!!! His little personality is really coming out and he was just a doll at his party!
Yay for cake!! (I hear you brother!)
Blowing out the candles for the second time. After he blew the candles out, he said, "more". HaHa.
I am going to post another post tonight with pictures of Lilly and her new walker...so check back later. (:

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