Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Walker and Etc.

Well, Grandpa bought Lilly this walker this weekend. We had been looking high and low for a unisex walker that we liked. I really liked the idea of one that was like a car. This morning I assembled the walker and part of the time Lilly tried to help and part of the time she laid on the floor next to me playing with her toys. Well, while she was playing with her toys, I looked over and she was chewing on what???......Tank's dog bone toy....YUCK!!
Back to the walker, she has figured out how to walk in the walker....walk backwards that is. She just goes backwards all around the dining room/kitchen.
And she enjoys just hanging out in it and playing as well. She sat in it and watched Baby Einstein's Neighborhood Animals today as well. She looked like such a big girl!!

She also LOVES rattles right now. Some days we do our own little rattle band duets. We are easily amused. Anywho, today I looked down and she had a rattle in each hand.
Shaking it!
Also, Lilly loves to drink out of a grown-up cup. She isn't that interested in the sippee cup. She will if forced, but she really loves loves loves her regular cup.
Now for photos from the big weekend shopping adventure!! We got stuff for pool time this summer. I have got the pool fever!!!! We got toys for the whole family...can't wait for the summer fun!
We got little man some clothes. The first one says "Mane Man", the second one I turned the pants around so you could see the little tail on the booty, the third one says "I love you this much", and the last ones has dogs on it and says "doggone cute".
Oh, and we are in the process of working on a name for our little boy. We have a list that we are trying to narrow down.
All I have to say about this picture is, DeDe, PJ shopping mission: accomplished!! We got Lilly PJs for 6-9 and 9-12 months.
She also got several cute dresses. I love the one with the flip flops...who am I kidding? I love them all!
And what shopping trip would be complete without shoes?? Lilly also got a few other outfits, but I thought I had taken enough photos of the clothes. Thanks again DeDe and Grandpa for the goodies! PS. Is anyone else ready for the sunshine???

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Leah said...

Hey there!! Its sunny and hot here but I am so ready for our pool to open. I think it does in a couple weeks, but that means bathing suit for me- yuck!! Love all the clothes! I got that same dress with flip flops for Perri, isnt it adorable?? But they only had 3/6 month size and she's still in 0/3 (and almost 6 months haha) so itll be later in the summer when she can wear it. Oh well, so cute!! Any ideas on names for you little boy?