Sunday, May 10, 2009

Road Trip

Saturday, after Lilly slept until 9:40 a.m.!!, we loaded up and took a little road trip to Perryville to celebrate Thelma's 90th birthday! Lilly enjoyed the ride. She did great on the way there and back!
She got to see Aunt Susan again! She liked Aunt Susan...she jumped and jumped and jabbered and shrieked!
This is one of those mid-jabber pictures.
She got to see Grandpa!! She was pretty happy about that...I even saw her giving him some of my cuddles! Stinker. (Just kidding--I share when I have to.)
She saw Granddaddy too!
Getting some loving.
I think she is saying "thank you". (:
Such a good picture! So sweet.
Thelma, the birthday girl is the one to the left. Then Jan is holding Lilly. By this time, Lilly was ready for a nap and looking at the camera was NOT an option.
After the party, we went to Aunt Laverne's house (she got a little snooze on the way there so she was feeling much better).
Lilly was pretty good entertainment. She visited and played on the floor with her toys for awhile. She got LOTS and LOTS of attention...and we know she loves that!!
Darryl (Matt's cousin) was there, too. He was kind of forced to hold Lilly. He had never held a baby before. Darryl--you did great!! He said he couldn't be won over by her charm, but he was! I saw him making funny faces at her and smiling because she is just charming!!
Who wouldn't be won over by that little smile?
There they are playing. He was a little nervous because he wasn't sure what "to do" with her, but he did just fine as you can see in these photos. Lilly made a new friend!
Daddy, Mommy, and Lilly. Grandpa took this picture and did a GREAT job. It is my new favorite family photo. As you can tell, we got to see lots of family and it was so worth the drive!! We had such a good time seeing everybody and Lilly loved getting to play with them all too!! We will post about Mother's Day tomorrow. We are kind of posting a day behind because our weekend was so busy.

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