Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well, we had such a busy weekend that we decided to stay in these last few days and PLAY. Shaking her maraca while hanging out on her side.
Which toy to play with?
Mommy, do you want to play too???
Playing with her beach ball...I think she is ready for the beach! Me, too!
She lays on her stomach like that and kicks her legs like a little teenager.
I put one of her toy bins on it's side so that she could get to several different toys.
She thought this was a great idea!!
I love this picture. She is laying her head on the green frog while playing with some toys in her hands. Soooo sweet.
And when all else failed, she started playing with the actual toy bin. At one point she was almost completely inside the toy bin. She is just getting so coordinated. She has great control of her hands--she can grab everything, switch toys from hand to hand, and she also reaches for what she wants (i.e. mommy, daddy, out of something, etc.). We are just having so much fun watching her discover EVERYTHING.

In the ABOVE VIDEO, I was watching Dancing with the Stars, and she is shaking her maraca and kicking her little leg to the music! What can I say??? She's got the beat! Haha.
Lilly got to ride in the front of the shopping cart like a big girl at Wal-Mart today. After a thorough sanitation of the cart and strategic blanket placing, she was ready to ride!! She was completely adorable for three reasons (countless reasons--3 main ones though):
(1.) You could tell she felt really big! She kicked her legs constantly...the whole time! She was just big smiles.
(2.) Of course people would stop and talk to her and smile at her and tell her how cute and big she was....BUT, if someone in the isle with us was rude enough not to notice her...she would shriek and giggle and flap her arms UNTIL they stopped and talked to her. It was hilarious.
(3.) She had to hold whatever I put in the cart. If I tried to just slip something in the cart without letting her hold it (i.e. a glass jar), she would start reaching and grunting for it. We also had a little struggle regarding the shopping list. She wanted to crumple it, eat it, and throw it on the floor....I, on the other hand, wanted to use it to make sure I got all the necessary items in order to avoid another Wal-Mart trip.
As I was pushing her in the cart today, I couldn't help but thinking that she is the most adorable little girl I have ever seen....I may be a little biased though. (c:

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darnold23 said...

She is just a doll! Check out Windows Live Writer. I'm trying it out on my blog and think it will be much easier to use. It posts straight to your current blog. If you need help, let me know. (YOU won't, of course:)