Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Well, Lilly started Mother's Day off with her own little present for Mommy--sleeping until 9:00 a.m. without even making a peep through the night!! Thank you Lilly!! We got up and ate some breakfast. Lilly and Matt gave me a certificate for a 90 minute prenatal massage (Yea baby!) which I plan on cashing in very soon. What a thoughtful husband, daughter, and baby-boy-to-be I have!!!! Then, I took a nap and Matt did some house work. The gifts just kept on giving. Thank you Matt for being such a great, supportive, and helpful husband to me and father to our babies. Mommy and Lilly. I loved my first official Mother's Day. It was such a special day with special meaning because I just love being Lilly's mom and I am very excited about being the little guy's mom too!
After I woke up, we went to GG Odie's to see the whole family. After such a busy Saturday, Lilly was a little overwhelmed by being around so many people for the second day in a row. She did get to see Grandpa Dennis though!
They had a good time with the chicken (it sings the chicken dance and flaps it's wings--Lilly flaps her arms, too. Ha.)
GG Odie and Lilly.
GG Odie, Grandpa Dennis, and Lilly.
GG Odie, Grandma Oksana, Oksana's mom, and Lilly. Oksana's mom brought her the cutest outfit from Uzbekistan. I will post a picture on the next post. Thanks again, we love it!!
The usual suspects...haha.
I just love the look on her face in this picture!!
By this time, Lilly was done with photo opportunities. She was so overstimulated! She is such a trooper. She lets us take her all over the place and is happy to tag along with us. So, if she gets tired every once in a while, I try to take note. So today (Monday) we just relaxed at home.
The gang again. It was so good to see so much family this weekend. My favorite thing to do is to be around family so this was a great weekend for us.
We left GG Odie's and let Lilly get a good nap. Then, we met up with MoMo for dinner. The above picture is MoMo giving Lilly some of her favorite treat...ICE CREAM.
"Mom, why are you taking another picture?????" Oh yeah, at dinner, Lilly ate peas without any problems!! The peas win!! I guess we will have to wait and see if it was just a fluke or if she likes them now.
Jackson, Lilly, and MoMo.
We had a great Mother's Day here. We hope yours went just as well.

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Mary Lynn said...

I LOVE being a mom! And now...Lucy's Cephie! So glad your Mother's day was special!