Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Highchair

This picture (and the one below) was my attempt to get a picture of her two bottom teeth! you really can't see them...BUT, the white dot in the above picture on her bottom gums is one of the teeth. And...
The two shiny spots on the bottom gum in this picture are the teeth. I will keep trying to get a better picture of them! In the meantime, the pictures are still cute so they work!
We got Lilly one of those "space-saver" high chairs. It attaches to a regular kitchen chair and travels wherever you want it to...so it works for us.
Lilly wanted to hold her after-dinner popsicle tonight. She wanted us to feed her the popsicle, but she wanted to hold it in between "bites".
She wasn't sure at first, but by the end she decided she loves having a highchair. It was definitely time....she had become way too mobile to feed on the floor.

The ABOVE VIDEO is pretty long (like 3 minutes). It is of her eating peas and carrots. I originally was recording it (Matt is the videographer for this video) to get her "gross" faces while eating peas....BUT she didn't make any faces. However, it isn't totally clear, but she is blowing raspberries with her food!! That is why the food keeps getting all over her face and bib. She also screeches and says "mama". Oh, and at the end, she drinks out of a cup. (All stuff that is probably only awesome to us, but she is cute either way.)

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Leah said...

Love the video! Lilly is hilarious with all her screaming and arm flailing hahah. I was watching it and my cat, Amos, came up and stood on my laptop staring at the computer wondering where all the noise was coming from!