Friday, September 25, 2009

4 weeks & Kitty Kitty

Guess who is 4 weeks old today? Look, he is smiling--happy to be here!!
He cooed while I took this photo. Such a sweetie!! We are having such a good time getting to know our little man. Right now, he still sleeps a lot AND eats a lot! He does have a couple of good waking periods a day where he looks at me those beautiful eyes. He hardly ever cries. I think he went through some huge growth spurt this week because all of the sudden he just looks so much bigger.
Looking around....when I laid him on the floor Lilly got so excited that she was flapping her arms up and down and bouncing. She came racing over to him....
She grabbed his outfit and I was a little nervous!
then she started "loving bubby easy". However shortly after this photo she did try to crawl over him!! I had to put the camera down to intervene--I will confess that I thought about taking a photo of it but that wouldn't have been fair to Reid.
How do you get Lilly to sit and smile for the camera?? Get the camera out to take a picture of Reid! She was looking at me like, "Hello, the camera star is right here!!" As soon as I turned the camera on her, she gave me this big smile!! So adorable!
Saturday, MoMo, Ray, and I took Lilly to build-a-bear. (MoMo got Lilly a build-a-bear for her birthday.) I wasn't sure that she would have a preference, but she had a strong preference for this purple kitty! We held several different animals up for her and this is the only one that she reached for and she kept cuddling it. So, this is "kitty kitty" getting stuffed.
Testing to make sure it was squishy enough to cuddle. ....
Giving "kitty kitty" a bath...
Well, this is where we were supposed to be dressing kitty...but Lilly saw something she liked better in the mirror.
"Mom-do you see this cuteness?"
Giving herself kisses!!
She was playing with "kitty kitty" and I called her name and this is the look she gave me. Ha!!
Anyway, our first week went great! Yesterday was our toughest day because Lilly was teething and wanted to be held and rocked all day--but we just took it in stride. I rocked two babies for a chunk of the day and had one baby in my arms at pretty much all times, but to be honest I kind of loved it! It was so nice for Lilly to just lay on me and let me rock her all day--she has just gotten so busy lately! She is feeling better today but she still let me hold her whenever I wanted (c: Oh, I love these babies!!! I don't know what I ever did to be this blessed.


Anonymous said...

Lilly and Reid are so precious...I love the pictures of her touching his face. So sweet! She loves her brother! I hope our Lillian will adjust well to having a brother or sister. Oh, and we love Build a Bear!! So fun! Have a great weekend! Ginger

Cori said...

Reid is just precious! Lilly is, too! Very glad you are coming to my shower. I am REALLY excited!!! One week to go :o)

darnold23 said...

They are both just precious! I can't believe that Lilly is already one - and Reid is a month! Wow! I'm so excited that you are going to participate in Crock Pot Wednesday. I have tons on recipes, so if you are ever in need....give me a buzz.