Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lilly's Happenings

Well, our little Lilly has been a very busy little girl. She is walking/sprinting all over the place.

She also likes to carry her "purse" or as I like to think of camera case! She does not think that it is mine--she walks around with it carrying it like a purse. Funny girl.

"Seriously, it is mine Mom."

She is mixing things up. She still loves her mixing bowls and spoon. Also in the picture is her meerkat--her favorite animal from the zoo. She has also snuck my phone. I was vacuuming and looked over and she had my phone and to distract me from the fact that she had snuck my phone she started laughing hysterically and running around the room in the circles--just laughing and laughing. Silly girl--it worked because I thought she was being too cute to take it from her. Sad, I know.

Driving her first car! She got this from Aunt CiCi and Uncle Greg for her birthday. We went to the park to walk the other night and instead of putting her in the stroller we pushed her around in her car. She was too cool!!

She officially has her favorite sippy cup! This is it! I love it because she doesn't need any help to drink out of this one!!!

She also eats a ton of these Cheetos. We are lucky if that can makes it two days. Some days it will only last one day. She LOVES them...any flavor...veggie, zesty tomato, cheddar...doesn't matter.

It is so cute--she will just kick back and drink her juice or milk and eat her snack...such a big girl!!!

Getting out of the house with Mommy! Today, I had the fever to GET OUT of the house! So Lilly and I met up with MoMo and "Ray Ray". We ate lunch and then headed to the Promenade Mall. Lilly rode in her stroller for a little while, but she wanted out to walk around. As you can tell she is having a good time.

In JC Penney we let her loose to walk without holding hands. She thought she was SOOOO BIG!! It was hilarious. She just giggle the entire time. This picture is blurry because she is walking so fast. It was exhausting chasing her all around, but it was totally worth it because she was having such a great time and we didn't have anywhere to be. I would try to hold her hand and she would pull away..little Miss Independent. She did not like it at all when she had to get back in the stroller. Life is tough when you're little. Haha.

Then, we decided to go to MiMi's Cafe for a little dessert. Lilly got to stand in the booth instead of the high chair (at MoMo's request). It was okay for a little while then she turned into a bit of a wild child...note to self...Mommy isn't ready for this!

(VIDEO above). Okay, Lilly has this new way of walking. She will walk on her tippy toes with her left foot and walk flat footed with her right foot. Therefore, she looks like she has a peg leg or something...and she also walks in a circle if she isn't paying attention. So, that is in this video. Also, she is trying to play with Tank with his toy in this video too. She giggles whenever she gets near him with a toy. She is so much fun!

****If you are family that doesn't check this over the weekend, I posted Friday and Saturday so keep scrolling down!! Have a great week!


Leah said...

So cute!!! I LOVE the pic of her kicked back with her juice and snack. I just got that sippy for Perri today and she loves it! She likes that she can just use the straw and not have to tip the cup up. That video is hilarious of Lilly and her peg leg walk hahaha. How long has she been walking? I'll be in Benton Oct. 10-17 if you happen to be down!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

she is so glad that I stopped by...

I had just a few minutes to blog hop tonight....
Hope you will stop by my Christmas blog. I have a great giveaway that I will draw for on
Oct 1.

darnold23 said...

I'm leaving an award for you on this week's Crock Pot Wednesday post. Come collect it WHEN you post another great CPW entry!