Thursday, September 17, 2009


That's right folks, we blogged yesterday AND we are blogging today! (If you missed yesterday's post, you need to check out the video of Lilly proud of my baby girl.) Since we are having Lilly's birthday party this weekend I am considering it her birthday all weekend long. DeDe brought her this shirt and I just thought it was too cute for her not to wear!
There is no mischievousness behind those eyes...haha.
This is her talking with hand gestures...she is such a card!!
We had some visitors today!!! MamMa and Aunt Kay came to meet Reid and play with Lilly. Lilly is showing MamMa her nose...she loves to help people find their nose!
MamMa getting Lilly!! This is Tank's toy..note the duct tape around the middle because he always chews a hole within minutes to get all the stuffing out. Classy...haha.
MamMa and Reid...she said he was a keeper!! MamMa's approval--check check!
Our best attempt at a group photo. Reid, MamMa, DeDe, Matt, and Lilly. Matt got his hair cut today after we took this picture....he said he had "Hobo hair"....he cracks me up!!
Reid, MamMa, Matt, me, and Lilly
Aunt Kay and Lilly. Lilly had a blast with Aunt Kay today!
They played with her table together.
They sang the eensy weensy spider together. This is the spider going up the water spout....
This is "out came the sun".
This is the water washing the spider out. Aunt Kay got some good practice on her eensy weensy spider moves!!
Our beautiful little boy slept through a good chunk of the time they were here. He did just hang out relaxed and awake for a little while though! He just gets cuter and cuter every day...just like his sister! How we got blessed with two kids this awesome I will never know!!
Oh yeah, today Lilly kept going under the table and then tried to find the smallest possible space for her to crawl between. If she couldn't get through, she would squeal until someone fixed it so she could! What can I say? My girl likes an obstacle course. We had a great visit with our company and were so glad they could come and see us!!!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I love all the pictures! Family is such a blessing...Have a great weekend!!