Monday, October 25, 2010

Bible Study

Well-I fell behind on blogging about my bible study and we have our last meeting tomorrow. So, I decided everyday I would just blog a couple of main points that way the posts wouldn't get too long or cover too much material. Normally I will just attach it to the bottom of my regular post but since I already did one this will stand on it's own. TMI already so here we go!

  1. I may have already mentioned this first one...I can't remember...but I think this is key not only in dealing with the hubby but in ALL relationships and situations. So, in other words, it is worth repeating either way.
  • Phillipians 4:8 says, "Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable--if there is any moral excellence and if there is any praise--DWELL ON THESE THINGS. (Your bible might not have the last phrase in all caps. (c:)

There you have it folks-God tells you to be optimistic! In all seriousness, most times you have a choice to either focus on the positive and praiseworthy or to focus on the negative. For example, say the handsome hubby watches the kids so the frazzled mommy can get out of the house. The mommy has a great time while relaxing and just not being needed for a short amount of time. Upon returning home, she sees that the hubby and children are safe and happy BUT the house looks like an F5 tornado hit it and there isn't a clean anything left. You have two options--focus on the happy, healthy hubby and kids and the fact that you had a night to relax OR focus on the messy/disaster of a house. (FYI Menfolk--this doesn't mean that you need to destroy the house just to give us womenfolk the opportunity to take the high road. I'm just sayin'.)

2. Always be building your guy up. (Again, this works with all other relationships as well--who doesn't want to be built up??)

  • Try not to speak negatively to your husband. Now, my husband is perfect so I don't have this struggle. (Matt, please note my suck-up points and add them to my total. Thank you.) However, if he wasn't, I could tell you that this is one way in which the Lord is revealing to me that I could trust in Him (the Lord) more. He (the Lord) has tried to reveal to me that I don't have to tell Matt every little thing he isn't doing perfectly (again, totally hypothetical). One-because I don't want someone pointing out every "mistake" I make. But, two, and more importantly, because Matt is capable of figuring things out and God is capable of revealing it to him if need be.
  • Try to purposely find something praiseworthy in your man everyday and then tell him!
  • Don't talk negatively about your husband to others--catch yourself and then brag on him instead!

That is all for today! I know what you are thinking--is it possible to do all of this perfectly?? From my experience....nope. I mess up several times every single day. BUT I am trying and improving and I know that it will take a while for it to become natural habit and even then...well, let's just say that Matt didn't marry "the perfect wife". (c:

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Anonymous said...

I am glad God is working in your life through this study. I especially like marriage bible studys because coming from a divorced home I know one of the greatest gifts for Christian and I and our children is a godly marriage. Just like any other relationship I know my marriage can only grow and be strenghened through growing by learning how to respect and love him more! Thanks for sharing. Hope you having a good week.