Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I found these pictures that I took but hadn't posted. Lilly loves to swing! In fact, we now have two toddler swings because sharing one swing just was not going well. Lilly now has a "pink one"...I put it in quotation marks because she always says she wants the "pink one".
This particular day, she put her baby in the swing...
and then proceeded to "pooooooshhh" her.
Miss Sassy Britches
There is that sweet smile.
Reid just loves to carry his plastic golf clubs all over the yard.
He is a happy guy!
He is pointing at everything these days and jabbering up a storm. He actually says lots of words--not just jabber-talk! Sunday, just he and I went to church and he "sang" the whole way there. OHMYGOSH it was the sweetest sound.
These two are playing together a lot lately. Lilly is also starting to be a little bit meaner and Reid is starting to fight back. We are really working on loving each other, sharing, and being sweet. We will get there! I just love this picture.
And, because Tank is just plain blog-neglected, here is a picture of Tank. Those of you who had smelled him recently will be happy to know he finally got a bath!

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Anonymous said...

They are so sweet playing together. I hope your having a good week. Thanks for asking if we were settled yet...We are not. We are going to a whole other country for our next assignment and are still awaiting orders. It looks like we will pcs there in Dec. Please pray for us. I am excited and nervous! Thanks for thinking of us. Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!!