Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grandparents & Sloan

Well last weekend we took a little unplanned trip to see Matt's grandparents. All three of them have been in the hospital at some point in the last month. So since our only plans for the weekend had been...sigh...relaxation (which lets face it with a one and a two year old-that probably wasn't in the cards for us anyway), we decided to go visit! First we went by and saw Granddaddy. Reid was curious about the bandage on his arm.
I just love the way that Granddaddy and Reid are looking at each other and the look on Lilly's face while she is looking at them. Those expressions! I took several pictures and Matt had his eyes closed in 90% of them. As Lilly would say it, "fooooo-cus daddy".
Again...the expressions. Cracking me up!
Still trying for a picture where at least the majority of people are looking at the camera....
Got it! Granddaddy was in good spirits and was talking to Matt about what he thought about Mike Anderson becoming the new head coach for Arkansas. He also told me he loved me which made me feel pretty special! Love that man too!
Then we went by to see MamMa. She is still at the "rehabilitation center". She was lively and playful with the children.
Reid found an extra wheel chair. Lilly actually tried to push him around in it but I just didn't see that ending well and put a stop to that.
Lilly and MamMa in their matching seats. Funny story. There was another older lady that was out in the "big room" and any time one of us would get up, she would get up and take that seat. Which was a little humorous but what was really funny was that any time the kids would either cry or get noisy, she would yell "shut that up!" Maybe you had to be there...but it was hysterical.
Getting some MamMa loving!
Then we got to see Grandma Betty too. She came over and had lunch with us on Sunday. The kids were way past nap time by the time we took this picture. Can you tell?
They also played us some sweet music while we ate. Let me just say this--if my kids are musical prodigies--they are keeping it a secret for at least a few more days. Then we headed home, had dinner, and I went and ran 4 miles. Like an idiot...after not running all week, riding in the car for three hours, and on a full stomach...and the longest distance I had ran before was 3 miles. I made it just fine but I was so sore the next day I thought Matt was going to have to dress me because it hurt to move/bend over/think (ha!)/etc. Then we found out we don't have a fourth to run the race and are having some difficulty finding a replacement since the race is a week and 2 days away. Niiiiiicccceeee.
Monday we found out that our sweet friends Damon and Brooke were at the hospital having thier baby girl Sloan. Ahhhh, isn't she just precious?!!!
I was so happy to get to hold her and finally meet little Miss sweetness!
Jenna and I went in together and Matt and Chris stayed in the car--then we switched and the boys came in. I think the guys were in there longer than we were.
But with something this cute and can you blame them?


Rebekah said...

So sweet that you went to visit the grandparents. I know it would be nice to have a weekend of nothing at home, but you will never look back and regret that time with the family!

Jenna said...

I ditto Rebekah! And I'm stealing your baby Sloan pics! =)