Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Weekend!

Well thank the Lord that he has been working on my attitude about being so busy--you know, how it isn't a bad thing to busy--because we are just one busy little family!! This weekend we headed down to Matt's hometown for a visit. You know how there are times in your marriage where you just fall deeper in love with them? Like seeing your husband love your children. Or watching him grow in the Lord. Or when he just does something crazy sweet out of the blue just to show that he cares. Well--watching how thoughtful and caring Matt is to his MamMa did that for me this weekend. She has been in the hospital and is now at a rehabilitation center. So, of course, we went down to see her. Matt has been so upset because we couldn't go sooner.
She seems to do better on days when she sees the grandkids--so the man has been on a mission to let her see her grandkids and great grandkids!! He knew we were going to go see her so he stopped by her house and got her photos and a photo book that has pictures of everyone in the family so that she could see them any time she wanted. (Awwwwwwe--how sweet is he?)
The kids got around her and we all looked at the photo book together. I know she enjoyed the book but she was LOVING cuddling with Reid.
Then she mentioned wanting to eat lunch so Matt (and Bert) decided that they could get her in and out of the car so that she could get out of the rehabilitation center for a little while. (Thank the Lord because that place could get depressing fast.)
So we went to McCalister's.
And some more family met us there to eat with her too! I am so blessed to have such a loving, caring, and thoughtful husband who cares for his MamMa like that! Now...enough of the mushy!
Miss Lilly is officially a princess! DeDe had a crown and some jewelry for her when we got there and she was sporting it!
She has Reid's crown on in this picture, her jewelry, her purse, and my shoes. She was saying, "Bye! See you later!"
The royalty didn't go to her head. She was able to stay grounded enough to vacuum up the breakfast mess.
Seriously-she actually vacuumed. I have one of these little vacuums at the house and I am going to let her go to town. She loved it! She cried when we put it away. How much better would cleaning the house be if I wanted to do it that bad??
Sunday we went to church, had lunch with the family, and the kids had some popsicles for dessert.
Lilly wore her pretty jewelry to church. (c:
Oh and her sweet cousin Ray brought her some flowers! How precious is that?? Thanks Ray!
The weather was nice so we got to play a little outside too which Reid really enjoyed! Good weekend--good times!!


Rebekah said...

I love this post! Such precious moments! Matt is such a good hubby!

christy said...

I loved this too! I remember after church every Sunday going to Mary Faye's for lunch. She'd have enough food to feed an army four times over so I was the lucky recipient! I devoured platefuls of mac & cheese. She always made me feel like family (as did everyone else). Love that Scott/Landers family! Hope y'all are having a great week.

The Coleman Family said...

Could Lilly and Reid be any cuter?! Miss seeing you and the kids. Maybe this summer at the birthday parties!