Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Nastics & Wimmin'"

Grandparents we are starting the week off with lots of pictures--so bonus points for me! (:
What are Lilly and Reid so focused on (besides the banana pudding shake from Chick-Fil-A that my friend Julee good! But I digress.)??
Friday night we went to the Razorback Gymnastics meet. I didn't get any pictures of the gymnasts but I did get this picture of the cheerleaders.
Lilly loved all the "nastics".
Reid enjoyed it too.
They also liked watching the kids behind us! Lilly saw one of her KDO classmates and she was just so excited and surprised to see him somewhere else. It was too funny!
Two different mascots came up to us. The first one sat next to Reid and when he looked over and saw him he started crying. Then, this one, Sue E. (get it...wooo pig sooie) came over and Lilly would talk to her as long as she was three rows away. If she got any closer, Lilly would start saying "NO!"
Then on Saturday we went to Lilly and Reid's cousin Ethan's 6th birthday party!
It was a star-wars themed party--he is into ALL things star wars.
They had chips and pizza. Lilly and Reid were in food heaven! They both ate over two pieces of pizza.
My favorite thing about kid birthday parties is that ALL of the children are in complete awe of the opening of presents. And, they like to tell the kid opening the presents what they got him as a present while he is still opening it. Cracks me up!
I got to see my cute little nephew Hunter!
And my other nephew Zane--they live out of state so I don't see them NEAR AS OFTEN as I want! Looks like Zane will be wanting his two front teeth for Christmas! (:
The best part of the party was that it was a SWIM PARTY!! Lilly was beside herself excited to swim!!! Reid was pretty happy too.
What is Lilly so excited about?
We had just gone down this huge slide! She wanted to go down it so we got to the top and I thought surely she would change her mind (quite frankly I was starting to have my doubts) but she was all for it! We went down twice.
Look at that contagious smile!
I love this picture. I am shamelessly trying to get some baby kisses!
Towards the end my mascara started running and I resembled a drowning raccoon...oh well--the fun was totally worth it! Also--note that Lilly is swimming by herself (and a life jacket) in the background. It took her a minute but she remembered!
And this was our BEST effort at a family photo!


Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend! The swimm birthday party looks so fun. Lilly is one brave girl to go down the big slide. Love the pic. of her and you!

Jenna said...

That is such a cute family pic! You didn't mention the BEST part of your day which was coming over to my house for dinner! Ha! Just kidding!

Rebekah said...

Y'all are cute!!! I love Lilly's overalls! Presh! Nastics and wimmin sounds like a fun fun weekend!