Thursday, February 24, 2011

Few Word Friday

This is Lilly in the bathroom. She was reading the Target Ad before I went and got my camera.
Never know what I am going to find and where I am going to find it.
Sweet boy--love his precious face (and his precious self)!
Ring around the Rosie--Lilly LOVES it--calls it "ring posie". Wants to play it all the time. Tonight, after the 100th time, I told her we had played enough so she went and got her stuffed bunny and made it play. Ha! Happy Friday!


Lyr said...

Girl after my own heart. TARGET! Go shopping girl!

Mom Carrissa said...

Hi! My name is Carrissa. I have a 1 yr old and i love reading momma blogs so i started following you! You have gorgeous kiddos btw :)Im new to this whole blog thing so i havent quite figured it out