Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Bouncy Place" & MORE Snow!

Tuesday morning we met some friends at what Lilly excitedly calls the "bouncy place". We knew we were getting more snow and wanted to get out a little bit before it came!Lilly was happy to be there. I seriously could not get Reid out of the car fast enough.
Cilla was there and man can she get these plastic horses going! I have no idea who the little boy beside her is but I just love him because he kept making all of these cute faces at the camera. I bet he has been in a picture or two before. (:
The funniest thing--we were sitting around talking and watching the kids run like crazy and Lilly starts walking over to us like this. She walked all across the room with her pants around her ankles. I don't know why....
We went to a place full of bouncy houses but these little horses got plenty of use!!
There were four of them. Cilla lined them all up--she was so proud of herself. It was hysterical. She was on the middle pink one and then had one leg on the other pink one and one leg on the blue one and was rocking all three of them. Too funny!! She would've gotten the fourth one if she could've!
This picture is terrible but it was the only one I got of sweet Brody and I didn't want to leave him out!
The water fountain was a big attraction too. I had to move the stools because it was freezing outside and I didn't bring a change of clothes for the children.
My sweet boy!
Brayden--he is so sweet. He would stop playing and come up and hug me for no reason. I would have bought him a pony if I wouldn't have had to do the same for my children!
Look at the air Lilly is catching!! Not too shabby for someone who wouldn't step foot on anything "bouncy" a couple of weeks ago. I am so glad that we went there because we were supposed to get 4-8 inches of snow but we got 18-20 inches!!! (This morning it was NEGATIVE 18 degrees...that is not with the wind chill...on it's own it was -18 degres!!!) Here is what our backyard looks like.
This was in the morning--it snowed several more inches after this.
Covered cozy coupe, snowman, and stroller.
Our tree house. Notice the big flakes still falling?

The view from our covered front porch...covered...that whole walkway is covered people!
Matt's car!!! (This is when the snow had finished.)
Our landscaping.
The swing set. Don't worry about us though because we have had the best couple of snow days together (inside). I will post pictures later of what we have been doing!!


Jenna said...

Bman loves him some Sara!! =P I think you guys got more snow than us!!

Lindsey Cobb said...

It is crazy how much snow you guys got!!! I hope it melts quickly! We are ready to get out!

John, Brittney, and Trevor said...

Crazy snow!! Glad you have been able to get together with your play group though!! Looks like ya'll have been having a good time and I see Lilly is still liking boingo bounce!! I love her walking up to you with her pants down to her ankles. She is so funny mamma!!!! Miss you guys and when the snow melts and I'm done fitting all my clients in I have had to cancel we can get together!! Miss ya'll

Rebekah said...

Why do we take our kids to a bounce place to jump on big blow ups and all they want to do is ride those ridiculous plastic horses?!?! You got some great pics!