Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snowed In I reported last...we have been snowed in.......and have stayed snowed in. We were supposed to get a "dusting" yesterday that ended up being another 4-6 inches. So what have we done?? Ate. Daddy brought some mini red velvet cupcakes home from Sam's. (I think he was craving them after the AWESOME ones that my friend Melissa made and gave us last week.) Reid stuck almost the entire cupcake in his mouth (hence the puffed cheeks). It was hysterical.
He had THREE. I figured "Why not? It's a snow day." In case you are wondering, he did not eat a good dinner a couple of hours later.
Lilly, on the other hand, is more interested in the icing. The girl loves the icing.
Daddy bundled up the kids Wednesday and took them outside for all of 15 seconds. Within that 15 seconds Reid had managed to take off his boots and his gloves and since it was negative degrees with the wind just wasn't worth the effort.
We did get two pictures though. I think Reid is ready for the beach.
We have started limiting their pacis to just their cribs. We started Tuesday. By Thursday--they were in bad shape. I said, "You can have your paci in bed. Do you want to get in your bed?" Yes, as a matter of fact, they did! They stayed in there for a whole hour. It was like a bonus nap time!!
I managed to clean Lilly's room and the playroom (which NEEDED it since it was day 3 in the house).
On Friday a couple of friends came over so that we could have a playgroup. Which really translates to "us Mom's needed to talk to other adults" time. It was so good to see other people. For all of us.
Then after naps, we made some lovely art work for Daddy with stamps, markers, and stickers. Beauty-mus!
Now a lot of people are sick of the snow. Me? I don't mind it. Don't get me wrong, I think I called or texted almost everyone in my phone Friday for some conversation. I have missed my socialization time! Another reason is probably because my sweet hubby gets us out of the house for a few minutes so we don't go stir crazy. The kids were beginning to climb the walls. (Have I mentioned that they spilled a bottle of pepto bismol in two different spots of the living room carpet? Thankfully, with LOTS of work, I was able to get it up.) Also, I should note that Friday I gave up on the paci thing. I will try again when we are able to leave the house during the day.
Both Thursday night and Friday night, we bundled the kids up and headed to the mall to eat and just walk around. (I just had to get a picture of these bunny boots.)
Here we are on our way Friday...there is road under all of that snow...somewhere! We blazed the trails at a whopping 10 miles per hour! It took us 45 minutes to get to a place that is 5 minutes away.
Friday night we even met some sweet friends up there! The kids ran around and had so much fun. We could let them since we were the only people in the mall. The rest of the world was at home because it was still snowing the 6th extra inch of the "dusting".
Today we are having a heat wave of 34 degrees! Wahoo! Seriously, after 0 degree weather (and lower), I could've been outside without a jacket. Anyway, the snow was PERFECT for a snow man!! So we built one. Lilly wasn't sure what was going on until I put the face on him and then she got REALLY excited. She went over and wanted to "cheese" with him.
Bubby wanted to sit in the Cozy Coupe car (on top of snow). He just hung out in there and watched us build it, yelled and laughed at Tank running around, and just relaxed in his car. Actually, he has a "boy" one...but this is the one he wanted to sit in. We don't care. There is no gender stereotyping in this house. Half of the time he is running around with the flowery sippee cup and Lilly has the dinosaur one.
My sweet family! Notice Lilly has Matt's gloves on. So cute! Also, she wanted to sit in the baby stroller for the picture. I don't know why. We just went with it.
Reid kept hugging the snow man. How adorable is he?? (He wouldn't keep his gloves on. Refused.)
Then we came in and got ready for naps. This was Reid's hair when we took the hat off.
The back. He is in desperate need of a hair cut but the weather cancelled his appointment.
All in all, I have enjoyed the snow this week. Watching snow fall just reminds me that God is with us and in control..and while it might be a tad inconvenient-it sure is beautiful. I guess it is a good thing since we are supposed to get another 10 inches this week! (I do have to confess that when I heard that on the news, I started to feel a little twitchy...but the twitch has passed and I am ready for it now!) Did we move to Colorado??


Todd and Courtney said...

I love all of the snow fun. I secretly hope that we get blasted with it one more time before the spring. It's just truly beautiful!

Lindsey Cobb said...

Man! I know you guys are ready to get out ot the house! We were only stuck in the house for one day and we were dying to get out today! Presley was sure she was going to find a swim suit today! We have spring/summer fever! Oh well, Cute pics and memories made!

Anonymous said...

Glad you all have been having fun! I love Lilly's room. Very cute!