Monday, March 31, 2014

Bre-Bre's Birthday Party

 A couple of weekends ago we helped celebrate our sweet niece's 2nd birthday!  Isn't she precious?!! We still call her "Baby Breanna" or Bre-Bre.  We absolutely adore her and were so excited to help celebrate her birthday!
 It was a Minnie Mouse themed party and her mom made this adorable cake!  I was pretty impressed.  (And it did end up being the perfect pink Becca. ;)
 She also made these cute Minnie oreo cookies to snack on and as favors.
 A trail mix.
 Hot diggity dogs and Mickey cheese.  The birthday girl LOVED the Hot diggity dogs. 
 And some Minnie cookies. 
 There was also lots of cute décor.

 The party was at The Wonder Place and the kids had a blast.  Lilly enjoyed cooking and serving lots of meals. 
 Reid did too. 

 Lilly playing waitress to Big Sis.  They took turns doing this many, many times. 
 I LOVE Reid's face in this picture.  He was putting a scarf in the tube and then it goes all through the tubes and comes out at the top.  This was a hit. 
 They have this cool water area too. 
 And a vet area where Lilly snatched this dog up and carried it around to each area.  Eli did a nice photo bomb in this picture.
 Always love a slide. 

 Singing Happy Birthday! 
 She didn't want to blow out her candles so, of course, Lilly was willing to help! 
 Playing in the sand.
 Putting together some puzzles. 
The kids had tons of fun at the birthday party.  Can't believe sweet Bre-Bre is already two! 

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