Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Frozen Night

 Yesterday Frozen came out on BluRay/DVD!  We were SO excited.  And yes, I mean WE.  It took all of my self-control not to buy this on ITunes a few weeks ago but I knew I wanted to do a special night.  And Matt insisted.  So we waited.  And waited.  And FINALLY yesterday was THE day!!  Matt is such an awesome husband and Daddy and got up early and went by Wal-Mart before he went to work. 
 Lilly woke up saying, "It's Frozen Day!!"  She came out of her room with this outfit and we had the following conversation.
Me:  I think it is a little too cold outside for that outfit.
Lilly:  Yeah it is but it is Frozen Day and Frozen is cold and so that is why I want to wear this and be cold.
 Our Frozen festivities began with a complete Frozen themed dinner.  And because I have been asked I will be giving sources and recipes along the way. It was just a complete bonus that we already had all the dolls.

 Elsa's Stuffed Snowballs.  These are yummy chicken and cheese roll-ups.  This recipe is from my friend Jenna and they are really good--you should make them even if you aren't having a Frozen dinner.  I sprinkled them with some extra Monterey Jack cheese for "snow" on top.  Also this is one of two ideas that I came up with on my own...the rest is from Pinterest.  I love Pinterest. 
 Anna's Frozen Hearts--I cut strawberries in half and then cut a little "V" shape out of the top middle to make the heart shape and then dipped the ends in white almond bark.  (A little tip for dipping strawberries in white or chocolate almond bark--the strawberries have to be dry--they can't be wet because it will ruin the almond bark.  That's free lesson-learned in the past advice folks. Ha!) Then I decided to dip some twisted pretzels in the leftover almond bark, too. 
 Sven's Antler's are just some pretzel sticks in bowl.
 Olaf's Noses, Olaf Treats, and Kristoff's Ice Blocks (blue jello cut into little squares)
 Olaf Treats.  I got this idea and there is a tutorial here.  I did make a few changes because I couldn't find black licorice rope so I just used a black tube of icing I already had.  If you want to do the mouth like they did on the source you would need an icing pen (just a heads up).  I also used the whole graham cracker instead of breaking it and I only had medium and regular size marshmallows.  I just improvised and cut one of the big ones a little smaller for the middle because who needs 3 different bags of marshmallows laying around??  I also just cut an orange fruit snack for the nose.  Really what I am saying is the tutorial gives great instructions but you can just use what you have.  (:  These kids were ecstatic about these so they were worth the work. 
 Olaf's Noses--obviously baby carrots.  (:
 Snow-Cap Punch This is equal parts blue Hawaiian Punch and Sprite topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 
 Ready for dinner! 
 And SUPER excited!!  I wish I could show pictures of our girls because Big Sis LOVED it. 
 He could not wait to get to his drink!  It was gone before he ever took a bite! 

 Here is one of their plates.  The "ice blocks' were probably the favorite--there were none left.  The kids had never eaten jello before. 
After dinner we watched the movie.  I was a little worried I had built it up too much in my mind but it did not disappoint!  It is just such a cute movie!  Afterward we channeled our inner Elsa's and "Let it go" with some crystallizing Epsom Salt painting.  You just mix equal parts Epsom salt and hot water and then they paint and when it dries it crystallizes.  We were all very excited to see them this morning! 
And then to end the night we busted out our Frozen soundtrack and out karaoke machine and sang our favorites.  I love this sassy little singer!  We had such a fun night! 

I came across a few other cute ideas that we didn't do but I am going to go ahead and share them here.
Super cute Olaf String Cheese.
Play Pin-the-Nose-on-Olaf.
There is also a cute build-an-Olaf printable here.


Linds said...

ummm, Sarah this is AMAZING. You are such a good mom. I just braved Walmart by myself with 3 kids and then sat them in front of the movie all day so I could have quiet time. haha!

PS-- Lily looks like she's 12. Tell her to stop growing!!!

Courtney said...

What an amazing evening. I took Madison to see it in theaters and I think this movie is going to be one of her Easter basket treats from my parents