Thursday, March 27, 2014

St Patrick's Day

 Well I guess I should start by confessing that we are (to my knowledge) 0% Irish and I could not even tell you why St. Patrick's Day is a holiday.  BUT it sounded like a good excuse to have a fun, special day so we jumped in on the fun.  Starting, of course, by wearing some green. 
 Oh mercy!  The cuteness of these two (and the two I can't post on here) is just too much to handle!
 We started the day with some lucky charms and green milk (regular milk with green food coloring). 
 Like I stated earlier--this has never been our thing before so Reid was like why is my milk green??  But he quickly got into the excitement of it all! 

 Lilly is all about some special food! 
 We had "school" that day so I packed us all (even Matt and I) a fun, green lunch.  Pudding, and ham and cheese wraps in spinach tortillas, and a pretzel clover.  The other stuff just comes in a green package (pringles, applesauce, and apple juice). 
 I had to laugh at lunch when I realized the notes I made with clovers and the pretzel clovers were all 3 leaf clovers.  Whoops!  It's the thought that counts, right? 
 I put a note in everybody's lunches and we have this space on our back door where we hang up special work the kids do that they want displayed.  Well I walked out of my room to find out that Big Sis had hung her note up on the door for all to see.  How sweet is that?!? 
 We kept the fun going for dinner!
 We had a fruit rainbow.  Y'all this was ALL gone.  I was shocked.  I thought I would have fruit ready to go for the week.  Not so much. 
 Green eggs and ham.  Also ALL gone.  Lilly wanted me to make more.  Give her regular scrambled eggs and she will eat MAYBE one...give her green eggs and ham and apparently you can not make enough. 
 Asparagus.  I am sad to report that I basically ate all of these except for the ONE they had to eat.  Two out of three ain't bad, right? 
 Not excited about having to take a picture before we ate.  Ha! 
 Every time Reid saw the special food throughout the day he would say, "I love you Mommy!"  Apparently we share the same love 
 After dinner we had a special green bath with rainbow glowsticks and green bath paint (shaving cream with green food coloring). 
 Here is what it looked like with the lights out. 
 Then we got our pajamas on and went on a treasure hunt for gold coins that they got to trade-in for green gum.  It was super easy to hide the coins because we had stuff all over the floor.  I call it "embracing the mess".  Hahaha! 

Then we read Green Eggs and Ham and went to bed!  Love fun days with my people.  (:

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