Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First Bath

Guess who finally lost his umbilical cord?? Reid!! So, we got to give him his first bath! I am so glad because Matt and I were really slacking on the sponge baths. Anyway, he LOVED the bathtub!!
This is sooo much better than getting wiped down with a wash cloth while laying on a towel with a cool breeze in the room! (Look at that cute little double chin!)
See that handsome little bellybutton! It is stained brown from the medicine they put on it to get the umbilical cord to fall off. Still--it is pretty cute!!
This is him all ready for bed. He was so relaxed!!! He is so laid back.
We can't leave Miss Priss out!! This is Lilly in her big girl jammies. Right before I took this picture she was nose to nose with alphabet pal. It was so funny. She is so entertaining these days!!


Lyr said...

Awe, I didn't even notice when Jayden lost his; so I couldn't tell you when he did. But how fun! He is getting so big!! :)

Anonymous said...

Reid is such a cutie getting his first bath!! How sweet. He is so handsome. I love that you call Lilly "Miss Priss". My sister called me that growing up and sometime stil does and I love it! I love Lilly's princess pj's! We love princess's too!