Monday, October 5, 2009

Miss Us?

We have missed you guys! Sorry to be MIA for a few days, but we have been busy! Since we still aren't taking Reid to any crowded places, Lilly and I have got to do some weekend bonding. Matt and Reid stay home and watch football and Lilly and I get out and go shopping or to eat or to the park or pretty much whatever gets us out of the house. I am really cherishing and enjoying this one on one time with my sweet girl!
Me, Lilly, and DeDe. DeDe came in town to see her grandbabies!! She got in Thursday evening and stayed until Saturday afternoon. We really enjoyed having her here--it is always nice having an extra set of hands with two babies one and under!! I was so blessed to have my mom stay with me for week two or Reid's life and Matt's mom (DeDe) to stay for week three! Talk about life-savers!! Anyway, we got out and did a little shopping in our Razorback clothes on Saturday!
Saturday evening Lilly and I went to my friend's baby shower. She wore this cute little outfit and I tried to get a picture of her in it....but she is always on the go.
There she goes.
I thought I had it here...
Finally! I never did get a picture of her looking at the camera where you could see the whole outfit. Busy, busy, busy!!
Aunt Shelly and Cousin Emma came over on Sunday. Emma has a black eye--I asked her what happened and she said, "Buzz Light did it!" Apparently she was getting her Buzz Lightyear toy off the shelf and grabbed it's arm and the legs swung around and kicked her right in the eye! Poor girl!!
Listening to the book that DeDe got for Lilly. She loves it!
Then, today Reid had his first playdate with Cruz. Cruz is on the left. Cruz is my friend Brittney's little boy. We had a playdate (mainly for the Mamas at this point) and then she kept Lilly while I took Reid to the doctor because his umbilical cord still hasn't fallen off....5 1/2 weeks later!! He weighs 11 lbs. 11 oz. Big boy! They cartarized (spelling?) the tissue around the umbilical cord and said it should fall off in a couple of days.
Reid giving Cruz a little kiss! Actually, he is trying to suck on his head. Haha.
Some "bunny" is sooo cute. Sorry-I couldn't resist the pun. What can I say? I crack myself up!
Okay, Lilly loves mashed potatoes but since she started solely feeding herself she won't let us feed them to her. So tonight I just put some on her tray. She was scooping them up and shoving them in her mouth!! Lady-like!
Lilly story time:: To get this story, you must first know that I have an irrational fear of spiders. They just totally freak my freak!! Anyway, I was driving down the road today and there was a little spider on the windshield. So, I get an envelope and try to smash it but it goes between the windshield and the side of the car. I think it is probably dead and go on with my driving. Then, all of the sudden, the spider drops right in front of my face. I am pretty sure my heart stopped momentarily and I went to slam on my breaks, but somewhere in my mind I thought, "I can't stop I am driving down the road with people behind me." Well the spider starts to drop and it is headed straight for my lap. So, I grab the envelope and start frantically waving it at the spider trying to get him to the side of the car so I can kill him...the whole time yelling, "No, no, no, no, no, no!" Now, during all of this all of my focus is on (1) not wrecking and (2) killing this spider before it can land on me, but all of the sudden I hear a sound that breaks my concentration. What is it?? My daughter laughing hysterically at me--I mean deep belly laughing--and she laughed for a good couple of minutes after it was over!! This is officially the first time she has laughed at my expense. I am glad I could entertain her. (She said sarcastically.)


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you girls have been having fun doing girly stuff and shopping! I love doing stuff like that with Lillian. I hope you enjoyed your time with your family. I love the outfit and bow she wore to the shower! It is adorable!

Cori said...

Lilly looked precious on Saturday night, and she was so well behaved! Everyone was talking about how cute and sweet she was! Thought you might be happy :o)

We still need to get together because I really want to hold little Reid. Thanks so much for coming Saturday night!