Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Play Date

First, please pray for our friends the Mizell's --they are pregnant with their first baby. They had an ultrasound yesterday and found out that their baby girl has a rare disorder that affects the development of the skull. It is very read more about it, you can click on their name at the top of this post. Please pray for their sweet baby and their family during the weeks and months to come.

Second, we didn't mean to take a blogging break (again...eek)-we went out of town and then have just been relaxing and trying to get things back in order from being out of town. Friday morning, Lilly had her first play date with Perri. We started the play date with some cinnamon rolls. I had the cinnamon rolls--this made me very popular! Haha.
Then, the girls were off to play.
Here is pretty Perri. Don't you just love her little shoes??
Next, they played with some dishes.
They both had two plates and proceeded to bang them together.
Getting things out of the toy bins at MoMo's house.
The Moms--it was nice to have adult conversation. It is fun to talk to someone who is going through the same things that you are since our girls are only like a month apart.
Then, the girls chewed on some fake fruit.
The girls really played beside each other instead of really with each other, but I still think that a good time was had by all parties...moms included!!
"Bye Perri, thanks for coming and playing with me! Sorry I hit you with the plate...accident. (c; I hope we can get together again next time we are both in town!"


Leah said...

awww cute pics!! I totally forgot to upload mine!! I need to do the same! We had a great time, sorry Perri was so fussy though :( Hopefully next time she'll be back to her normal self. These teeth are killing her!! We'll be back over Thanksgiving and would love to see you guys again if you are down!

John, Brittney, and Trevor said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! Too bad all she has to play with around here are stinky boys!!

Anonymous said...

I will pray for your friends. That just breaks my heart for them. I feel so blessed in how healthy Lillian is and can only pray God will watch over baby Thomas.

The playdate looks so fun!! I love all the pictures! I love playdates and that us Moms can get together with our friends too!

I hope you had fun being out of town. I've missed you!!

Lyr said...

Praying for your friend and I'm sorry to hear! Second... those pictures are so cute!