Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hay Ride

The farm where we went on the hayride at had a swing set and Lilly really loved swinging for a little while! These are the pictures from my mom's camera that I mention later in the post.
Lilly mid-sneeze--good timing, right?

Aunt Becky and Lilly. The above photos were added after I wrote the rest of this post. So here is the beginning---

A couple of weeks ago, Lilly went on her first hay ride! My Uncle Larry and Aunt Becky's Sunday school class hosted a hay ride. We got to go and had such a good time! It started out warm, but as soon as the sun went down it got chilly!! Here is Miss Priss in her bunny blanket. Is there anything more precious? I think not!
Here is Ray (-Ray), roasting marshmallows for our smores. We roasted hot dogs, ate chili, and made (and ate) smores. Lilly did some swinging, which I will post pictures of when I get them off of my mom's camera. She was laughing so hard that my aunt heard her all the way across the yard! That girl loves to swing!!
It was so cold by the time the hay ride started that we rode in the cab of the truck (since Ray was driving the truck that was pulling the trailer). Lilly thought she should drive.
Buckle up, Mommy!
"Are you seriously going to let me drive?? I don't even have my permit yet!!!" Lilly was so funny. She kept saying, "hi-i" with a pretty good southern accent. She says it all the time now and it is adorable! Then, we were singing her a bunch of different songs and at the end of each song she would clap for us. She started getting really sleepy and still. Well, MoMo and I were doing a pretty entertaining duet of Old MacDonald and at the end we clapped, but she didn't. So MoMo said, "Now we really deserved a hand for that one!" Out of nowhere Lilly pops up and starts clapping like crazy and laughing. It was hilarious.
Then about five seconds later she was asleep.
Watching her sleep still gives me a great sense of peace and happiness! I love this girl so much!!
P.S. Matt and Reid stayed home...we figured it might be too cold for Reid.

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Anonymous said...

I love Hay Rides! Thay are so fun and it just feels like Fall going on a Hayride...The pictures of Lilly in the swing are adorable. She looks so cozy and cuddly! It looks like she loved it!! I am glad you all had fun. Have a great weekend.