Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Play" Date

Well, Brittney and I got the boys together for another "play date".
Really, we should call it a "sleep date" because that is pretty much what our boys did! Look at Lilly looking at him like, "Aww crap, there is another one now!!"

Don't worry Lilly! We brought a friend for you too!

Trevor! Trevor is three. Lilly really just wanted to play with the same stuff that he was playing with and he just did not understand why she couldn't play with the stuff he kept giving her! It was kind of funny.

Big boys watching football, little boys sleeping....

and sleeping some more...all through dinner! (And through all of the talking the Mommies were doing! You get two people that have been couped up in the house for a couple of weeks together and let the talking begin!!!)

Cruz awake!

Sweet Reid awake! This is identical to a look that Lilly gives me!! LOVE it!

Our little shorty! (I called him shorty because he is wearing an outfit that says short stop.)

Hey guys!!! Thanks for looking at the camera since I was making a fool out of myself for you both.

I think Reid is thinking, "Man, your skin is soft!" Or maybe he is about to smack him, I don't know-at this point it is all speculation!

Getting ready to go. Look at Lilly's hand, I think she is saying, "Don't forget this one! Do you need me to carry him to the car for you? Seriously, we already one--that is good enough!" Haha. We had a great time! Brittney has to go back to work next week--yuck! I tried to get her to quit her job, but since she does my hair I at least need her to work one day every six weeks. Ha!

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Anonymous said...

I love how Reid and his friend sleep through the whole playdate! What good boys...That way you could relax and enjoy some girl talk! I also love the picture of the big tough guys holding their sweet, precious, baby boys. Adorable!! Lilly was so cute! She was making sure they didn't leave that sweet baby!lol Glad you had fun!