Thursday, November 19, 2009

What a Week!!

If it ain't broke...oh wait~it is all broke!! Our t.v. , washing machine, and garage door are all on the fritz. Well, actually the geek squad came and repaired our t.v. because luckily it was still under warranty. So, it is healed!! Whew, it was a rough week watching a 17 incher. Now, onto the washing machine--OH.MY.GOSH--a mom of two small babies needs a working washing machine. Now, this may be my fault because I was counting the ways in which I loathe doing laundry the day before it went kaput. Haha. Hopefully, the repair man will come to check on the washing machine tomorrow. The garage door is not really a big just needs a couple of new bolts. Oh, and to top it all off, last night we were using our blender and it started smoking...literally smoke was coming out of it so it is now in the trash. Geesh! However, it isn't all that bad--we were very blessed that Aunt CiCi let us do some laundry at her house. She was even sweet enough to come and pick some of it up for me (it could have been the fact that when she stopped by the house was a DISASTER zone, I was still in my p.j.s, and I was just brushing my teeth for the day and it was 4:00p.m--she probably saw that it had been a rough couple of days..haha). The washer quit mid-load while it was full of water and soapy so she even came and got our wet, soapy, heavy towels and drug them out the door--I don't know what we would have done without her!! Now, onto what my children have been doing this week. Look at sweet boy's neck muscles! Go Reid! Go Reid! Go!
Well, I think Lilly and Reid conspired together this week--apparently they agreed that they would NOT nap at the same time together EVER. Actually, today for the first time in almost two weeks they napped together at the same time. There was so much that I needed to do during that time but unfortunately I was just too tired so I napped, too! Let us just say that the house has suffered because ever since the vaccines, they have taken turns needing attention--resulting in them taking all of my focus. I just decided to embrace it because they are only like this for so long! I have started making some head way on the house work though and suspect that I will get caught up this weekend.
Lilly just loves it when I put Reid on the floor with her! This is a bad picture, but it is a picture of her laying her head on him. She really is sweet to him most of the time. The other night she accidentally chunked a horse at his head...let me clarify--she meant to chunk the horse, but she didn't mean to hit him in the head with it!
She plays very close to him the whole time..see her in the background. Reid is like, "Why do you still have the camera out?"
My sweet babies!! I am so in love with these two!!
She is always trying to hand him a "come on bubba-play with me".
Lilly is grabbing the camera in this photo.
Haha! I love this one because she keeps trying to pick him up!
Lilly has done so much lately. She is "helping" me do laundry in this photo. On a serious note, she has just started saying all sorts of stuff! She says "eye" and point to the eye. She says "touch down"--however it really is just a "tuh" sound and "dow" resulting in "tuh-dow". She does it while she signals touch down and is pretty excited about it! There are a couple of others that are in the videos below.
Reid holding onto the link-a-doos. Man, he is going to be a smartie too!
Lilly took this photo--I have no idea how she got the red tint on it! I was letting her take the photo and I don't know what she did.
This is one of Lilly's stacking rings. She puts it on like a bracelet and then walks around with her arm straight up so it doesn't fall off. She will walk all around the house like that and it is soo cute. Honestly, I don't think anyone should be allowed to be that cute--the other day she was carrying a cup under her arm like a football and even that was cute!

(VIDEO above) Lilly has a farm and we go through each of the animals and say their sounds. Well, when we come to the farmer, I have always just said that the farmer says, "Hi ya'll" (I know stereotypical, but whatever). So, in the video, Lilly is saying "Hi ya'll" sounds more like, "Hi, yayaya" This is one of my favorite things that she does! LOVE it!
In this video (above), she "neighs" like a horse--she was trying to move on so I couldn't get a really clear one, but you get the point. She also points to daddy's eye and says eye. This one takes a few seconds for her to do so hang in there! Then, at the end she grabs the camera and flips it around. Nice!


John, Brittney, and Trevor said...

My little Reid is getting so big!! Sorry about your week. Your more than welcome to come visit and do some laundry. Really, if you need anything let me know.

Anonymous said...

When it rains it pours right? You poor thing! I am sorry everything has been acting up. I pray it all gets fixed soon. Reid and Lilly are so sweet in their pj's playing. I wish I could pop over and bring you a casserole with everything going on. I hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend!
Hugs, Ginger