Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day!

Happy Veteran's Day! Veteran's Day is an important day to me (especially during these times). I hope everyone remembers to say a prayer for the men and women who are risking their lives to protect and serve our country, our freedom, and our families. My father has served in the United States Army for over 30 years and is still in the Army Reserves (he was active duty for most of those years). He is currently a Chief Warrant Officer 3 in the Special Forces. Or as I like to call him, a bad ass. (I generally do not use profanity on this site--but I making an exception for the above--:-)
He is also Airborne and has taught several others how to take that leap.
These pictures are some of my favorite photos of him from his youth that I used to make a shadow-box for him a couple of years ago. To this day, any time I am anywhere and they ask for the men and women who serve our country to stand up and be recognized, I get a little lump in my throat and am filled with pride thinking about my dad and his service to protect our country.

This is a picture of me (NOT Lilly) wearing my shirt that says, "My Daddy is in the Special Forces"....I still have this shirt! It no longer fits, but I will always have this shirt.
My Dad is the one waving at the camera! He has been to some crazy training schools. At our wedding, he was dressed in his dress uniform with all the patches and medals and looked very official. Matt's little cousins asked, "Is Sara's dad the President?" Haha.
Him and one of his teams years back. When I was little, his team members would call and say in their military voices, "Is Master Sergeant Sanders there?" And I would just giggle and say, "you mean my dad, right?" I just didn't get why they didn't just ask for Dennis! He is also the only man I know who was bummed out when his orders got changed and he didn't have to go to war.
Dad, your daughter and grandkids are very proud of you and thankful for all you do to keep us safe and sound! We love you!!!
When I hear on the news about another "casualty", it is so easy for me not to think about that soldier having a family...maybe a wife, possibly kids, definitely a mother and father...but the truth is each one is important to somebody. A couple of years ago I was at Arlington Cemetary and they had a "faces of the fallen" exhibit. There was a picture of every one that had died in Iraq up to that point and some had notes and necklaces and little trinkets next to them. I will never forget that one of the pictures was of a little 2 or 3 year old girl hugging her father's tombstone. I thank God that was not me and that my dad is alive, but I do know that my father and most soldiers would proudly die to protect our great nation and the freedom that I frequently take for granted. Have you thanked a veteran today? (I will post cute pictures later since this post is so serious.)


Cori said...

Great post... I never realized your dad was in the military. He seems like a great man :o)

John, Brittney, and Trevor said...

I really enjoyed this post. Not that I don't enjoy all your post but this one is very special.

Jennifer said...

That was such a sweet post! What a great dad!

Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures of your daddy! He is so handsome in all his army pictures! I know you are so proud as you should be. I didn't realize he was still in the reserves. What a dedicated man. After thirty years I guess it is just ingrained in him to serve. I appreciate his service. My father in law, is retired special forces his name is Beny Neff(he was with 7th group). I don't know if they would know each other other, but either way thats neat! Please thank your Dad for his service and I hope he has a special Veterans Day! Thanks for sharing the pictures! I love them. He is so handsome. Hugs, Ginger

Cori said...

Sara, I am feeling much better. We should get the kids together sometime soon :o) A playdate sounds nice!! Not that they would really play together, but I would enjoy the company and seeing Lilly and Reid!