Monday, February 15, 2010

Birthday!, Valentines, & Great Dates

Yesterday was Matt's Birthday!! We said all of our sappy stuff to him in our cards--but I will publicly say I am the luckiest lady in the world to have such an awesome husband and father for our babies!! The handsome birthday boy! He was very sweet...his birthday is on Valentines Day so even though it was HIS birthday--he got up super early and surprised me with I-Hop breakfast and a razorback snuggie. I am so in love with him and the snuggie!!! After that we went to church and then had lunch at Chili's.
Lilly and Mommy. Lilly signed her own name for Matt's card AND drew him a beautiful picture of lines. Ha.
She kept doing this--she has always drank out of the straw sippees so I don't know what the "chug hold" is all about. Then we spent the afternoon driving around and just hanging out. At 5:00, we dropped the kids off at church for FREE childcare so we could go on our first Great Date. Our church is doing the Great Date Experiment which is a series of 6 dates that they isn't like "go to this restaurant" or "do this" is more of a guideline. You can check it out here and get all of the details. You do NOT have to be a part of our church to do these dates--just go to the website and print off Date 1 on the right side. You have 2 weeks before Date 2 happens so join in the fun!! I HIGHLY recommend them--it really gets you out of that "dinner and a movie" rut!
Anyway, onto the date!! This date focused around "cultivating communication". There were 5 different points. The first one was to pick a place to eat and there was a list of questions/statements for us to talk about.
One of the things we could do was to let the waitress pick out our food. Well, since it was Matt's birthday and he wanted to go to Gusano's SPECIFICALLY for a particular pizza--we let her pick out an appetizer and surprise us!! It was really fun because the whole time we were wondering what we were going to get.
Matt was soooo excited about his pizza...can you see the smoke coming off of it?? It was really tasty and we talked all through dinner and had such a great time. After we were done eating, we opened up "point two" (you don't know what is next until you finish the previous "point" or activity.
The second point was to choose an activity to go to....then, on the way adjust the car where it was either way too hot or way too cold. We were trying to take a picture of us next to the thermostat because we rode all the way there at 90%....but since it was snowing outside, it still felt nice. Haha.
It said men are more likely to open up during an activity--so we chose bowling. There was a list of stuff to talk about while you are doing that activity. I am not mentioning any specifics in case any of you decide to do these dates. It was so much.....even though we were TERRIBLE bowlers. My high score was 74--embarrassing!
The next point was for us to go the grocery store and pick out a dessert for one another that we thought the other hadn't tried for a certain amount of money. I got Matt peanut butter cup chocolate ice cream and he got me sour skittles. We both did good!! Then, the final point, we still have to do so I will put a picture of that up soon. We had such a GREAT time!!! Yesterday was a perfect day.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad your hubby had a special birthday! The pizza looks great!

So tell me about your date? Did you come up with all those cute idea's? Or are you reading a devotional or something that suggested it? Either way I love it and seriously impressed! So glad you had a special time together.

Jenna said...

So fun! We still haven't done our date yet! Did you drive all the way down here for Gusanos or is there one in Fayetteville?

Rebekah said...

Look like fun! Glad it was a fun birhtday! I love and miss Gusano's!

Lyr said...

Glad it was a great birthday for the hubs! :)

Nishant said...

I love it and seriously impressed!
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