Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The weekend

Friday night we went over to Aunt CiCi's for pizza. Vitor, Aunt Cici & Uncle Greg's foreign exchange student from Brazil, played the guitar for everybody. We all enjoyed it but he had one very special fan: Reid!! Reid watched him like that for 20 minutes until he fell asleep watching him. Ha. It was so cute.
Marshall was there. He is hilarious! This is him boxing Uncle Greg. He is so full of energy and he has such a fun personality-he is always laughing and playing!
Eva Kate--ok, just as a disclaimer-on my camera viewer it looked like she was smiling. Haha. She is such a cutie too. Both her and Lilly thought it was a lot of fun to push the kitchen stools around. What they find entertaining, right?? She has got an energetic fun attitude too.
Saturday was BEAUTIFUL so we took advantage and headed to the park. They have this train with different carts that Lilly went all through.
She just made herself at home. Haha.
Playing peek-a-boo. She is so funny--she says "boo" now and tries to "sneak up". The sneaking up is hilarious because she hunches her little shoulders and creeps on her tip toes. The only problem is she can't do it without giggling. Haha.
She also really enjoyed the big playground equipment (I am totally blanking on the right term!) They have a kiddie one but it is still a little big but she didn't care. There was no taking a picture while she was on there because it was simply not safe to let my guard down long enough to snap a photo. She was BUSY.
In this photo she was chasing the birds. We were trying to go for a walk but she had other plans--don't worry we ALL got our exercise anyway just chasing her around. Ha!
I love this picture because it shows that she is still little. I am always amazed at how big she is getting so this is one of those that helps me put into perspective that she is getting big so fast but she is STILL little!
Her curls.
I wish I knew how to do one of those boxes over his booty but I just love this picture. He went to town in the bath tub!! He was kicking and soldier crawling. He turned himself around, grabbed and sucked on the wash cloth--he had a big time! This was his first bath not in some sort of baby bath. WAHOO for being done with baby bath tubs (at least for now)--one less thing to keep in the bathroom.
Lilly loves her bath too. She really likes to bang on the walls and screech and splash. It is not exactly the relaxing bath I enjoy but to each their own! Hope everyone has a great week!


lukeandlaurawoodard said...

The picture of Reid in the bathtub is PRECIOUS!! I can't wait till Drake can take baths without the baby bathtub. He can't quite sit up by himself. Where do yall live??

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Reid is so cute in the bath tub.