Tuesday, February 9, 2010

MoMo and Papa Ray's Wedding

My mom (Lilly's MoMo) got married this Saturday!!! I am so happy for both her and Ray and believe that this marriage will go the distance! I thank God for sending my mother a Godly man to love her and be her partner in life. Here they are during the ceremony making googly eyes at each other. Haha!
Taking the official plunge and exchanging vows!
Instead of a unity candle, they did this thing where they both had different colored sand (one had white, the other tanned) and they poured them into the container mixing the sand together. The symbolism is that once you mix the sand together, you can never separate it.
The final result--what a special thing to be able to put in your home! I just loved that idea!
Lilly sat like this through most of the ceremony. However......
there was a short moment when she looked like this. Luckily, it was fleeting and she was able to rejoin the wedding.
Reid was sweet and happy and just hung out on DeDe's (Matt's mom) lap.
Lilly, Emma, and Madison all wore matching dresses, tights, and shoes. They were too cute for words.
Sweet Emma.
Sweet Madison.
The beautiful bride and her maid of honor Nancy. I am thankful that my mom has her friend Nancy--us women need good friends!
So, I guess officially speaking this would be my new stepsister Jennifer, my new stepfather Ray, and my new stepbrother Tyler. I don't really like using the word "step" but that is the technical term. I think it is pretty awesome that I can get a whole new family at this point in my life!! God is GOOD all the time!
Jennifer, Madison, and Crystal--all three sweet girls that I am so excited to get to know.
Grandma Berti and Reid
My niece Emma, nephew Zane, and nephew Hunter
Reid and Aunt Shelly
Zane, my brother Mike, and Hunter
My sister's bunch: Ethan on Jackson's shoulders and Emma on Blayne's shoulders
Lilly and DeDe
Daddy and Reid
Reid and Cousin Amber. He just kept giving her hugs and kisses. It was so cute...and a little wet and slobbery for Amber. Haha.
Mom and Ray--we are so happy for you guys!!
Lilly had such a great time with DeDe and didn't want her to go back home. DeDe was a lifesaver because she helped with the babies while we were busy with wedding stuff (she helped with that too). Thanks for the help DeDe! Lilly wore her out running all over the church Chapel.


Courtney said...

What a wonderful event for your family. I love the idea of the sand, the counsler at our school used this at her wedding.

lukeandlaurawoodard said...

Your mom is beautiful! I'm so happy for her! Lilly and Reid are precious! Maybe one day we could schedule a play date??!!

The Coleman Family said...

Oh, that is so exciting! Your mom and him make a very cute couple! Congratulations to you on your new family! Lilly's is getting more beautiful by the day! Her hair has grown so much since I saw her last.

Anonymous said...

Your Mom is a lovely bride. I am so happy for her and her new husband! What a blessing. I agree the more family the better. I have two stepsisters, but we are all family and love eachother. And it is a blessing that Lillian has more Aunts in her life to love on her. You all looked so pretty at the wedding. I am glad it was such a special day!

Jennifer said...

That first pic of your mom & her groom made me tear up! I'm preggo so that may have something to do with it...but you can so tell they are in love in that picture...*tear!*

I've never been a fan of saying "step" when it comes to siblings either. It's weird, I totally called my stepdad my stepdad, but my brother is just my brother! I feel like that about my sister in law too, she's my big sis!

Congratulations on your new fam!