Monday, March 1, 2010

6 Months

Well, sorry for another blog hiatus. We went out of town this weekend so it took a few days to pack (yes for those without two small children--it takes days to pack), then we were gone for the weekend, and it will take all week to get things back to the way they were before we left. Every time we take a trip, the Monday we get back we both swear off any more traveling. Haha. Especially since Lilly didn't sleep at all on the way there or back. Oh, well such is life. I have lots to post on but all of the weekend stuff will just have to wait because my BABY BOY turned 6 MONTHS old on Sunday!!!! Reidster Speedster--what have you been up to this month???
  • For starters, just being plain handsome!!
  • You are also growing like a weed. I swear I put you down for a nap and by the time you wake up, you have gotten bigger! It is crazy!!
  • You still melt our hearts with your full body smile. It is sooo contagious--it doesn't matter what kind of day I am having, when you flash that smile ALL is right with the world. Magic--that is how I would describe it, but I digress.
  • You are so interested in the world around you right now. You just stare at things. You have really good hand-eye coordination. You grab all kinds of toys and just put them right in front of your face and slowly move them and just seem to be taking in every tiny detail. Then, you put them in your mouth. Ha!
  • You watch your sister. You are enamored with her. You two are pretty cute together. She likes to sit right next to you and play with her toys. Occasionally, she even gives you one to play with. Lately, she even tries to stick a paci in your mouth whether or not you want it. Haha. In the car, you just look at her the whole time. It is precious. I hope you always love each other like that.
  • You are a people watcher in general. You are content to just study the room and see what is going on.
  • You are sooo laid back. You really are just a happy baby. Every time I leave you in the nursery, the lady always tries to keep you and talks about what a good baby you are. Sometimes, you are so content during the day, I worry that I don't play with you enough. Haha. All of the sudden I will stop and think, "I need to give Reid some attention!"
  • There you go always putting stuff in your mouth.
  • You can get your socks off--no matter what. It is a true talent!!
  • You army crawl in the bath tub and roll everywhere any other time. You are taking baths without the baby tub. You just hang out on your tummy and kick, move, and giggle like crazy! It is so fun to watch!!
  • You are sitting up a little. We have just started working on that and you are so much better at it than I thought you would be at this point. You are such a smarty!!
  • You belly laugh--especially when your sister is getting in trouble. You already think that is hilarious.
  • You sleep through the night most of the time...we appreciate this more than you know! You are a good napper, too!
  • Oh, and you love your jumper. We still squeeze you into the swing. You love your mobile/projector that hangs on your crib. You like your bumbo for limited amounts of time. You love sitting up with the support of the boppy pillow.
  • This month we have called you our "pooh pooh prince" because I swear that is the main thing you have been working on. Ha! Seriously, I don't know if you had some kind of bug but I feel like all I have done lately is clean booties. Oh well, all in a Mommy's day's work.
  • You coo and say consonant sounds. You say "yea" while cooing. You also say "ay" which got Thomas really excited this weekend because he feels like he is teaching you to say "Ray". Haha. You also really like "goooo".
  • You like to be tickled.
  • You eat all the time. You love cereal. Since you like it, your sister has to eat it with you. I hope this works when you start eating some veggies! I am about to introduce some baby food to you.
  • All in all, Reid you just light up our lives. You teach us so much daily about God's awesomeness. We are so thankful that He chose us to be you and Lilly's parents. I just love being able to kiss all over your cute little face!! You are such a cuddle-bug and such a blessing in our lives and I can't wait to see what the next month holds with you!! LOVE these two boys!!


Crystal said...

Such a cutie!!! We have the same jumper. =)

Jenna said...

Aw, happy 6 mo Reid!

Jennifer said...

Reidster Speedster, that is such a cute pet name!

Lindsay and Robert said...

6 months already?? Great post - Reid is so precious!!

Mizell Family said...

Amber & I had such a great time with Reid Sunday.. Honestly I think he would of played in the floor the whole time he was there.. of course we had to go pick him up & love on him!! He was seriously the best baby!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 6 months Reid! Time passes to quickly...I hope you enjoyed your weekend away. I know what you mean it is fun to go out of town, but a lot of work. And then all the laundry and putting away when we come home. Have a great week!

The Coleman Family said...

Hey Sarah, He is adorable. Same eyes as sweet little Lilly! I wanted to talk to you about a shower for Lisa. Can you send me your email at

My New Life as a Borin said...

He's so cute! A sweet laugh from a baby is just about the cutest thing in the world, isn't it?

Nishant said...

that is such a cute pet name!
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joe said...

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MoMo said...

Well, I think you have found the "pet name" that will stick with our precious Reid.
I loved that post ... I want you to know that I feel SO blessed to have such wonderful, healthy and absolutely adorable grandchildren. Sara, you bless my life daily and I love you with all of my heart!! I am very proud to be your Mom.