Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hello Spring!!..Not so Much!

Well, Friday--the last official day of Winter was 70 Degrees and sunny. Saturday--the first official day of Spring, we got a foot of snow and it still snowing like crazy! This was first thing this morning.
Debbie's van. Can't even see the windows.
Miss Outdoorsy had to go out and play despite explaining to her that is was COLD. Ha!
She had a good time. She kept wanting her mittens off but I just couldn't let her little hands freeze like that!
Could we get anymore different prints going on in one outfit?? It would be hard.
I love her prissy stance in this photo.....
and this one too.
Reid opted to stay indoors and warm! Good choice little buddy!!
He was pretty pleased. (c:

Most of the huge rocks outside are completely covered. We were out shopping yesterday and it started blizzard-like snowing and we were talking about how it had been so warm that we really weren't worried. We figured with it being 70 degrees the day before that even if it snowed it would surely not stick or amount to anything. Can you say WRONG? Sigh.
I have decided to get over it and just enjoy the lovely views and spending an extra day at home with Debbie still here!
Oh, and Wednesday, it is supposed to be almost 70 degrees again. ??


Laurie said...

Enjoy your extra time w/ Debbie! Lilly looks precious in all her winter stuff! Does she love her Kitty boots as much as AK does??? We wear ours wet or dry ;-). Stay warm & hopefully well w/ all these silly weather changes.

Lindsey Cobb said...

That is so CRAZY!

Anonymous said...

The weather is wild! The pictures are so cute... I am loving your new blog look!