Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rain BOOT, Potty, & Facial Expressions

Okay so I am not exactly sure where to start on this photo. Haha. Do I start with the one rain boot? Do I start with the bath soap? The fact that she has a new potty chair? Or do I start with the fact that she is sitting on it with a diaper on?? Or that it is in the living room?? Haha.

Let's go with the one rain boot. Like I said in the last post, sometimes one falls off because they are a little big. I think she likes it because she can keep the other one pretty good then.
Next, we will hit the baby soap. She was giving Mr. Mouse a bath. Apparently, she has confused our living room with the bathroom.
She loves her potty chair...she doesn't "use it". She thinks of it more as a piece of furniture. She carries it all around the house--to whatever room I am in. It is so funny! She tried to set it on my lap and then sit on top of it. I had to explain to her that the potty doesn't sit on Mommy!
Look at her legs. She is CONSTANTLY bruised. I think I could put her on a commercial and people would send me money thinking she is abused! Haha!!
She has the if she just actually "uses it".
Mr. Man has become extremely coordinated and over night!! I was not prepared for his speed! He also has decided he prefers actual food rather than bottles. He still takes the bottles but if I am eating something...he just stares longingly at whatever I am eating and watches very intently as it goes to my mouth! Haha. I feel so bad!
These few pictures all feature a different one of his facial expressions. He has so many of them..just like his big sister!!
I LOVE this one. He started eating puffs this week and sitting in a high chair. He was SO EXCITED about sitting in a high chair at a restaurant. I didn't have the camera (gasp!) but Matt took some pictures with his phone. He was slapping the table and yelling so loud. The other tables (and us) were cracking up!!
I call this one "the happy thinker"..haha!

He is such a happy boy! We just have two of the best babies in the world...and I would say that even if I wasn't 1000% biased! Ha!


lukeandlaurawoodard said...

They are so precious! I love how Reid is sitting in a PINK chair! I'm sure Matt loves that. :-)

Lindsay and Robert said...

Ha! Lilly must keep you laughing all day long!

P.S. I've switched the Lucy Files to private, so I need your email address to put you on the reader list, please!