Thursday, March 18, 2010


So last weekend we loaded up and headed to visit Lilly's Grandpa Dennis (my dad) and Grandma Oksana. We got there Friday night. Lilly has her mouth full of cookies and has my sweet tea in her hands. May not have been her healthiest dinner...but what happens at the grandparents stays at the grandparents...unless you blog about it. Haha!
Lola (the dog--but don't tell her that because I don't think she realizes she isn't human--my dad keeps trying to call her my sister. Not so much dad, not. so. much!), Reid, and Grandpa. Reid chewing on his hand--he has broken through his top four teeth! That makes a grand total of 6 teeth.
Playing on the floor. I think he is looking at the dogs in this picture.
Playing with his keys.
Reid is a carpet inspector. Ha! He will just check out the carpet, feel it, try to pick stuff out of it and then go back to playing with his toys. Saturday we spent the morning with Grandpa and then headed to one of my college friend's wedding. I didn't get any pictures of it. We almost missed it. Matt put the street name without the "West" in front of it and we went on a bit of wild goose chase. Luckily we figured it out like 5 minutes before the wedding and managed to get there! Whew. The kids were both asleep in the car by then, though, so only I witnessed the vow exchange. Don't worry--we all made it to the reception! Then headed back home.
The past couple of Mondays we have been going to story time at the library. Lilly always just kind of looks around during the activity time and stays right by my side. It might help if we got there on time....maybe next week. But, at the end we read books and she LOVES that. I will say, "Are you ready to go?" and she looks up and shakes her head no and says, "No!"
Reid wants to know why I woke him up for this! Ha! He is always SO tired when we leave. Unfortunately, we have about an hour to waste before Matt can take lunch so we either go to the park or the mall. This week it was too cold for the park!
We went to the mall and I got Lilly a cookie. I broke it in half and gave it to her half of it--she shoved the whole thing in her mouth. Her mouth was so full that chocolate was oozing out of it. People were walking by saying, "She is sooo cute!" and I was thinking, "Usually--but she is disgusting right now!!" She did the same thing with the second half of the cookie. Why did I not think about halving it again??
Anyway, we played at the play area for a while and then on our way out hit this ride.
She LOVED it. She kept wanting me to put more money in. It was 75 cents for at most 30 seconds so after the first "ride" she just sat in it and pretended to drive. It did make me decide she needed to go to Chuck E Cheese though. That is in the works!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved looking at your pictures tonight...
I have 2 GREAT GIVEAWAYS that I will draw for on Sunday hope you will stop by.....


Jennifer said...

My mom calls her little dog my sister...I just go w/it! lol

I do love how Chuck E Cheese's rides are only .25 each!