Thursday, March 4, 2010


So last weekend we loaded up the van and headed to Matt's hometown. I am waiting on some photos of Friday night so I will wait to tell you about the ride there and our evening in another post. Saturday morning we had a little playdate with some of our friends. I did a horrible job of getting photos so in the background is Jacqueline and her little girl Elle. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of sweet Peyton. We had a great time and Elle was very sweet with Lilly and shared her toys and everything.
Lilly especially loved this motorized 4-wheeler. Apparently she doesn't have her Mommy's fear of 4-wheelers. Good for her. Ha! She was so funny, she would push the button one second at a time. It took her a while to get anywhere. Saturday evening we went to dinner to celebrate Matt's birthday and came back and did a little Wii bowling and golf. Good times.
Sunday we went to church and everyone came over to Matt's parents house for lunch. This is Eli hugging Lilly--isn't that sweet?
Colt and Melissa. His face cracks me up!!!! He is just two months older than Reid.
Grandma Betty holding Reid while he took a good little cat nap.
Lilly and MoMo (my mom). Lilly was swinging herself back in this photo. Such a stinker. (c:
He is awake and ready to party!
Thomas and Reid hugging. Are you feeling the love??
DeDe (Matt's mom) and Matt
Lilly and DeDe. I guess I got my first taste of Lilly preferring the Grandma's over me this weekend. I was like a last resort for her if they were around. Glad to see all of this hard work paying off. Haha. I am just kidding--I want her to have that relationship with her Grandparents. That is so special.
Reid getting Eli's hair. Haha. In this picture is Colt and his mom Jennifer (Matt's cousin), Eli, Reid, and MamMa.
Look at my big handsome boy sitting in the rocking chair (clearly being held onto because he is not a professional "sitter" yet).
Sooo laid back. LOVE IT.
Lilly talking on her play phone. Matt said she gets that from me. Haha. Probably true.
"Ummm, can I get some privacy...I am on an important call here." She was so funny just talking away and holding the phone with her shoulder. Lately, she wants to talk on the phone (to a real person) but she just holds it to her ear and listens....I can't get her to say a word. Then as soon as we hang up, she says bye for 5 minutes. Haha. Today we called several people so she could say the word "stuck". She said it at least 500 times today. Soo cute. This morning she was caught between the couch and the ottoman and I said, "Oh no! You are stuck." And the word just "stuck". Ha.
Reid hanging out before we headed home. We had a great weekend and loved getting to see so many of our friends and family!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Cute, cute pictures...Love your blog.. Hope you will stop by...I just added some extra giveaways...
So glad to have a few hours to blog hop.


Mary Lynn said...

Cute pictures, Sara. Sounds like Lilly rides the 4 wheeler the way Lucy does....just seconds at a time. Must not be quite ready to go full speed ahead! Reid is growing up too!

lukeandlaurawoodard said...

Looks like yall had so much fun while you were here in Benton! Let us know when you'll be here again so we can get together! I bet Drake and Reid would have so much fun playing together!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful time with family! I love the four wheeler pictures! That looks fun. Have a great weekend.